From Wealth Management to becoming a Published Photographer - Passion Drives Success

I started with the dream to create images that convey emotion. Images that create a world less imagined but is a stark reality in todays era.

Felix Apertures Photography

At Felix Apertures , we do all kinds of Shoots for upcoming models and majorly look to do brand promotions and product placements through visual forms of advertising (Print & Media)

We our majorly into shoots of individuals (Indoors & Outdoors) and also Event shoots (Weddings, corporates etc)

Our Main Goal: 

We are into cinematography, filmmaking, Videogrpahy and Photography. We work with many brands across the world like SHEIN, KOOVS, GLOBAL designers, resorts and hotels for making engaging content they can use to promote their businesses. We have a team of Editors, Photgraphers and artists, headed by Mr. Ruskin Felix

Our Experience: 

We have been creating content for the last 1.5 years. But due to the higher quality and engagement our social media platform has garnered 28k followers with very high engagement rates. We constantly work with influencers across the globe to give our content the reach it deserves.

Our Inspiration:

Inspiration can be taken from the smallest of things and experiences. A child smiling when he has nothing to live for can be so inspiring and thought provoking. When we shoot, we keep in mind our client and how best to reveal and show them so that people can feel inspired to engage meaningfully with them. Themes of the shoots and experiences will also be aimed towards what the hotel or the locations history is. Inspiration is everywhere if you just open your eyes to the reality! 

Our creative process:           


1. Knowing what my client aims to achieve through the content is of prime importance, theme/thought creation should revolve around that.
2. Planning to Display values, thoughts and ideas in a meaningful and engaging way in line with the client needs and also in line with what will work for the viewer. 
3. Pre- planning format, content, transitions, subjects to be used and content creation process to be noted down as flow chart. 
4. Proper implementation of the shoot in mind by using the best and apt gear and then using all the planned footage and content to build the best viewer experience while subtly keeping what we want sticking to the mind of viewers.


Our Deliverable ETA:


After the content has been shot and work have been effectively done as planned. The post processing and completion while in consultation with the brand should take 2 weeks or 15 business days.

Social Channels:

Our website is www.

Our Instagram handle is @ruskinfelix



Growth of my Passion:


I was always into direction of videos from college. Having done up a lot of video based projects the skill and interest grew in the art. I think horror movies and planning them really taught me art direction, creative editing and how to plan shots and transitions. 

But to tell a story you need a voice, you need to create content that matters and work with brands and good influencers and actors to get the projects you need. As I started to foray into fashion photography in Bollywood, through networking, I have built a very good base of actresses and models and clients both as apparel brands and resorts that we wish to make content for. Always believed film making is the way forward as there’s so much that can be said through videos. We are planning to hit YouTube as well and rapidly create a base of 100,000 subscribers in the next year. 


Our Motivation: 


My initial motivation to create content was because of the insecurities women face, and how industries are thriving because of such insecurities. If I could make someone feel glad about themselves through media and content, I certainly did. That’s how it started. 

Later it became very professional, as now it’s about conveying the message the client wishes to portray. Telling a story from the point of view of the brand, that’s why knowing the client and pre-planning content is so important. We try communicate the message in our own way, with our own so story but we try to do that keeping in mind what we and our client needs.






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