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Elemantra Enterprises – Investor Documentation


Elemantra Enterprises

Ruskin Felix Consulting partnered with Elemantra Enterprises to create a comprehensive business plan and strategy report. We helped them to understand the industry overview, market capitalization, market segmentation, fluctuations in the industry and the future scope, growth drivers, industry challenges, industry opportunities, market entry strategies, total available market, serviceable available market, service obtainable market, and the financial viability of the business which includes the cost, revenue, and cash flow assessment. 

Elemantra Enterprises is a social enterprise in the WASH sector (water, sanitation, hygiene and waste management). We aim to provide cost-effective equipment and solutions to reduce, reuse, recycle and help in managing waste of different kinds. Elemantra began operations in March 2013 with the objective to offer equipment and solutions for sanitation, hygiene – especially menstrual hygiene – and domestic hazardous waste-management.

Elemantra would undertake sanitary pad incinerator installation projects for Schools, Corporates, and Government offices in India. The product line would be constantly updated to provide new technology which could give better performance and help in reducing secondary infections and reduce pollution. The company also has plans to create partnerships with other international hygiene solution providers to increase its product offerings for clients, India’s first aggregator of Sanitation products.  Their unique range of products include equipment and technologies for the management and mitigation of menstrual waste and women’s hygiene, municipal solid waste, bio-medical waste, food waste, agro and forestry waste. The future products in pipeline include the sanitary pad vending machine, bio-medical waste indicator, smart – self sorting bins, and plastic waste shredders and grinders. 

Elemantra will also be focusing on CSR initiatives of various corporates to find women health and hygiene as a focused campaign. These avenues will be key to the success of the business as a single corporate client may result in various machine orders for each of their offices. The same aspect will be tapped into for Co-op Housing societies as well and social awareness will be key to the company’s underlying campaign. The company will also target corporates looking to initiative CSR campaigns in the sanitation space and collaborate with them to increase their client base and brand visibility. Elemantra will also advertise their products on the GeM (Government e-Market Place). 

The overall funds to be raised by the company are INR 4.34 Crores. This includes the Pre-development cost of Elemantra as well. The current valuation of the company is on a post-Op basis, the overall Value assessed includes the NPV based return at 75% weightage as this return metric is usually the most conservative as it computes valuation on a free cash flows basis. The valuation of the company is thus assessed at INR 13.74 Crores. At a 15% deviation range. The valuation range is between INR 11.68 Crores and INR 15.8 Crores. 

Considering the business’s valuation, the business has very high potential due to the scalability and business model the business has. As a result, the business should raise an amount of INR 12 – 20 Crore to cover the net cash flow that the company is expected to utilize in the first three years of the business’s operations.

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