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Wooths – Comprehensive Investor Documentation



Ruskin Felix Consulting partnered with Wooths – on-demand private work booths to create a comprehensive business plan and strategy report by analyzing the project, global assessment, overall industry, total available market, serviceable available market, service obtainable market, product analysis, and understanding of the financial viability of the project by providing insights on cost assessment and the valuation metrics of Wooths.

Wooths helps you access work pods and meeting rooms that allow the working population to access quiet private workspaces on demand whenever they need it, all over the city: malls, hotels, coffee shops, metro stations and other convenient locations. They are completely soundproof pods and Wi-Fi enabled and available on an hourly basis. Wooths unlocks productivity throughout the city by unlocking workspaces that come in various formats depending on your need. The app allows you to book four types of workspaces: hot desks, meeting rooms, private offices, and smart work booths in spaces such as co-working, serviced offices, traditional offices, shopping centers, metro stations etc.

Wooths will partner with various businesses in the hospitality industry like cafes and hotels, which currently have only 30% occupancy due to COVID restrictions and lockdowns in various parts of the country. Other partners will be open in public places such as malls and parks, allowing customers to access work pods and hot desks in proximity to their houses. Metros and co-working companies will equally be important to Wooths’ business model.

The overall business model of utilizing free spaces across the commercial real estate to benefit from the new wave of work-from-home scenarios may play very well due to the lack of direct competitors in the field. However, the business is dependent on pricing, location and user experience and thus, those aspects should be taken care of while executing parts of the Wooths Project. Wooths should also focus on setting up the units in residential places to boost the average user rate per day across business models. Scalability is also an important factor. With most co-working spaces being utilized only 20-30% due to its high costs, low flexibility and distance from home factors, Wooths places itself as the best alternative for employees and freelancers across cities.

The valuation of Wooths is thus assessed at INR 482.83 Crores. At a 10% deviation range. The valuation range is between INR 434.55 Crores and INR 531.12 Crores. The total NPV of the FCFF for the Project is 35.38 Crores. IRR for the Project based on FCFF (Net Free Cash Flows) = 62.84%. IRR for the Project based on EBITDA (Net Earnings Excluding Capital Expenses) = 87.27%. The total Overall payback period as per the project metrics and projections is 4th Year. This is also the Year when Wooths will become Net Cash Flow positive with INR 13.25 Crores of Net Cash Inflow. The expected net cash burn will be INR 12.92 Crores, covered fully within 3 Years and 11 months. RFC believes the project will be very useful and will have great market potential post-COVID-19 in India.

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