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About Us
  1. Who are we?
  2. Where is our Studio?
  3. Our Team

  • Who are we?

At Felix Apertures Studio, we are mainly into a diverse range of photography assignments where we cover specialised fashion photography, portfolio shoots, Model Management, Brand Promotion and commercial catalogs. We work with a wide range of brands and models for the campaigns we have. With our creative team as well, we look to enhance the quality of output to international levels.

  • Where is our Studio?

Our main Studio, is at Phoenix Paragon Plaza, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla. We also have a lot of other studios where we do collaborative shoots across Mumbai and tie ups with locations for outdoor shoots. 

  • Our  team?

We have a very young team of Photographers, Makeup artists, fashion stylists, creative designers, post processing team and others who aid in making the brand of Felix Apertures bigger and highly competitive in the industry.

Our Services
  1. Services
  • Services

To get a detailed view of all the services we provide, please go through the Our Services page for more knowledge on the same aspect.


Portfolio Shoots
  1. Pricing Policy?
  2. What will you get?
  3. What will be the proposed time for the shoot?
  4. What about dresses?
  5. What about location?
  6. What about makeup and hair?
  7. What about delivery time?
  8. How to book a shoot?
  9. Payment methods
  10. What if I am interested but wish to do the shoot later?
  11. Is there a selection criteria?
  12. How will my portfolio be shared with me?
  13. Will I get print album also?

  • Pricing Policy?

For the portfolio shoots , we charge a fee of INR 5,000/- per dress change for the shoot. This will not include the Makeup and hair for the model as per the theme discussed and set once booking is done. so for a 3 dress print shoot for model portfolio - Cost for shoot will be 5000 x 3 = 15,000 INR only.

  • What will you get?

As per the number of dresses you choose the shoot to be in, you will have 7- 10 final edits for each dress change, so for a 3 dress shoot, you will have 20-30 final edits given to you.

  • What will be the proposed time for the shoot?

Time taken for a 2 dress shoot is usually an hour and half, so you have to set times accordingly for a 3/4 dress shoot, it will mostly take about 3 hours.

  • What about dresses?

It is better if for these low cost shoots, the model sources the dress herself, but if that is a concern, then we have tied up with brands like Forever 21, Mahuva, Zara, and Vero Moda etc and thus we can source the dresses. However if we do sourcing, an extra charge of INR 500/- per dress change will be added to the models cost of the portfolio.

  • What about location?

All indoor shoots will be done at the studio at Phoenix, any outdoor locations will be decided and notified and will be as per the theme discussed.

  • What about makeup and hair?

Both make up and hair charges are extra INR 2,000/- if it is needed for the model.

  • What about delivery time?

All portfolio shoots will take 7-10 working days for delivery time depending on the length of assignment and number of dresses of the shoot. The delivery time will be mentioned in the receipt for each individual shoot.

  • How to book a shoot?

We take all our bookings online and thus interested models can go to the Book Online page and book the shoot they would want to do. Payment can be made directly on the website on booking through Debit/Credit cards, Paypal etc or in person at the studio at the time of the shoot. 

Timing of the shoot can be chosen by the model as per their convenience for the date and time that suits them as per availability. You can always call us on the number provided for any queries or ask your query in the 24*7 Query box we have on the website.

  • Payment methods

We accept all Debit/Credit cards, Paypal and also Paytm for all payments we recieve., all payments need to done while booking the shoot, CASH payments will NOT be accepted.

  • What if I am interested but wish to do the shoot later?

In this case, we urge you to book the time in future you want to do it at from the Book Online page. This is because we are mostly over booked and as the timing availablitiy is on first come first serve basis, its better to book your appointment in advance.

  • Is there a selection criteria?

No, as these are chargeable photoshoots, we do not have a selection criteria, however for future paid work with our models, we have to cater to specific needs of our client brands we work with and thus need to have selection criteria.

  • How will my portfolio be shared with me?

Your portfolio will be aired on the website in a separate page for promotion and also the full edited versions will be shared with you through a drive link shared on your mail ID

  • Will I get print album also?

No, we usually do not provide hard copies of the pictures however please let us know if you want one and we will get it done on some incremental cost.

Brand Promotion 
  1. How do we promote?
  2. Who have we worked with?
  3. Creative expertise?
  4. Can we make product catalogs?
  5. What is the Pricing?
  6. How to book or discuss further on this?

  • How do we promote?

We have an SEO team which promotes all of our shoots, models, brands we work with through our social media channels, Instagram, Youtube, facebook and promotional campaigns. It enhances the reach we have and also lets us tap markets of 1-2 million interested customers across all forms. This reach gives an edge to anyone who looks to take their brand to the next level.

  • Who have we worked with?

We have worked with Forever 21, Ajio, Abof, Vero Moda and many other brands of international presence. the learning and experience gives us a far higher edge over others pomotion and production companies.

  • Creative expertise?

We make sure that through our creative team, we come up with the best ideas for promotion of products across all categories, thus giving the brand that looks to work with us an edge over others.

  • Can we make product catalogues?

Yes, for further online sales, product cataalogs can be made for brands that they can use for promotions and advertising. As we have our own models on our role call. The brand gets a one stop solution from casting to photography to digital marketing to advertising.

  • What is the Pricing?

As these projects can be complex and intricate, we would like for you to let us know what exactly you are looking for so that we may be able to give you the best quote for our services in the market.

  • How to book or discuss further on this?

To get in touch with us please head to the Contact Us Page and write to us of what exactly you are looking at and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Pricing Policy
  1. General pricing?
  2. What if we book and cancel?
  3. What if I don't get my images as promised within time?
  4. Specific event pricing and Quote?
  5. What are the Deliverable times?
  6. Model Booking - Brand Collaboration
  7. Agency related Info. for Model booking

  • General pricing

Pricing for most of what we offer here are put up at base levels (excluding additional services) on the Book Online page. For projects and promotion campaigns we give quotes for all the work separately depending on the extent of work. Please contact us and leave in your project details for us and we will get back to you. 

  • What if we book and cancel?

We do remain book extensively and cancelled bookings can take a toll on us if you are not serious. We urge you to not book timings if you are not sure and remember the your booking can be sifted as well to another date if for some reason you are not finding time then. Please let us know in advance if any thing is on your mind from the Contact Us Page. Cancellation fees of 30% will be charged on all other unnotified events.

  • What if I dont get my images as promised within time?

We will reimburse 40% of the shoot cost if we fail to deliver on our state times, however in special circumstances,  the delay will be expressly communicate to you

  • Specific event pricing and Quote?

For any specific event on your mind, please message details of the same on our Contact Us Page.

  • What are the Deliverable times?

Our average deliverable time is 7-10 working days, however for all projects details of deliverable time will be mentioned and we will fulfill on case by case basis.

  • Model Booking - Brand Collaboration?

In case your brand wishes to do a catalog shoot with us, we can also book the model from agencies that we tie up with. In that case, the brand has to pay the amount due for the model as an inclusive to the shoot charges.

  • Agency Related Info. for Model Booking?

In a case where we have booked any model through an agency fro any of our shoots, the agency will be sent the said remuneraton after 3 months of the date of payment/date of shoot (whichever is later), depending on the billing cycle of our company. Proper invoices need to be sent for the same, only on the receipt of which the payment will be made in the due time. For any queries, the agency can contact our admin team and they will be happy to help.

Other Important Information
  1. Will I get further paid work after the shoot?
  2. How will Promotion of my portfolio take place?
  3. How to contact us for any queries?
  4. What if I need something different as a shoot?
  5. What if I have my own dresses?
  6. What if I want to rent the studio? 

  • Will I get further paid work after the shoot?

Yes, we do provide paid photoshoots to models we have on our portfolios for any brand we work with, depending on client needs.

  • How will Promotion of my portfolio take place?

You portfolio will be put up on the website as your own page which can be shared to others in a password protected way. We will also promote you on our Instagram page and facebook Page. We are very active on social media thanks to our brilliant PR team.

  • How to contact us for any queries?

For any queries, please write to us on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you, you can also call us at +91 7718940777 for any urgent work.

  • What if I need something different as a shoot?

We cater to all specific needs so feel free to tell us what you want your shoot to be and we will make it happen - Contact Us

  • What if I have my own dresses?

You are welcome to get your own dresses that you want the shoot to be done in, this would also save you the additional cost if you want us to source the dresses for you.


  • What if I want to rent the studio? 

If you want to rent our studio, we are ready to do that, we provide everything from dressing rooms, to makeup areas and the full shooting kit. Just bring your camera, models, clothes, makeup and start clicking. Book the renting out time of your choice by going on the Book Online Page. Build your own brand.

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