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Aviation Education Partnership for the Future

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India’s national carrier Air India has partnered with global edutainment brand KidZania to launch an innovative aviation-focused learning program. Through this collaborative initiative, the organizations aim to cultivate interest in aerospace careers among young Indians and elevate aviation education nationwide.

KidZania’s Values

The program will debut at KidZania Delhi, allowing children to experience hands-on activities simulating airport operations and pilot training. Miniature aircraft, control towers and other interactive exhibits will bring the world of commercial flying to life. Kids will learn fundamental principles of aerodynamics, air traffic management and more while role-playing various aviation jobs.

Air India will also host field trips for school groups, giving students a behind-the-scenes look at aircraft maintenance facilities. Experts will give presentations on engineering disciplines crucial to the industry. By exposing children to diverse pathways within aviation, the partners hope to spark passion that drives future talent pipelines.

Air India and its Importance

Commenting on the partnership, Air India Chairman and Managing Director Campbell Wilson said “We are delighted to join forces with KidZania to launch this innovative program. By making learning aviation fun and experiential, we aim to cultivate early interest that lasts through school and career choices. Our field will greatly benefit from inspiring more young Indians to consider jobs shaping the future of flight.”

KidZania India CEO Praveen Nijhara added “Our city is designed to spark curiosity through real-world simulations. Partnering with an iconic brand like Air India allows us to showcase the thrill and importance of aviation while nurturing skills like problem-solving. We look forward to welcoming many future pilots, engineers and more through this one-of-a-kind educational experience.”

The program underscores both organizations’ commitment to inspiring the next generation. By bringing industry and education together, they hope to open minds and elevate India’s standing in global aerospace through a thriving talent pipeline for decades to come.

Aviation Education Takes Flight

By introducing young children to concepts like aircraft parts, air traffic control etc through interactive exhibits and role-play simulations, the partners hope to:

  • Spark curiosity and fascination for aviation from a young age. Experiential learning helps capture kids’ imagination and can influence their future career choices.
  • Nurture STEM skills implicitly as students explore principles of physics and mechanics involved in flight. This hands-on approach makes learning seamless and enjoyable.
  • Open their minds to diverse pathways within the industry beyond just pilots. Exposing children to roles like engineers, airport staff etc can help address gender imbalances.
  • Identify potential talent early and guide their learning trajectory with access to internships, tours and mentorship from industry professionals. This helps optimize skill development over time.
  • Strengthen the talent pipeline for Air India and broader Indian aviation by inspiring more local youth to consider these careers. A skilled domestic workforce is crucial as the sector expands.

By sowing seeds of interest at a formative age and maintaining long-term engagement, the partners hope this program will bear fruit for years in shaping the future of Indian aviation through the students it is able to reach and guide today.

The partners expect the program’s impact will be felt for years to come through the students it inspires today. By sowing early seeds of passion, the initiative supports India’s aviation rise while cultivating the sector’s future workforce. Its innovative approach uniting industry, education and communities holds potential for replication across other fields.

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