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At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we take Business Valuation & Forecasting seriously as we understand that businesses are complex enterprises that require careful planning and management. Our experts help to propel your business forward by diligently working towards minimizing the risk of making decisions based on incomplete information or limited experience.

By providing expert advice on business valuation & forecasting assets designed specially to boost your business, we specialize in helping businesses plan ahead so that they can prepare for whatever challenges may arise. We are members of major accounting and valuation bodies globally and can evaluate your target business. 


Our consultants takes into consideration many variables like- assets, liabilities, income and expenses before formulating any strategy in accordance to your existing financial plans. A business owner can use the information gathered during a valuation to identify critical areas of potential improvement or inefficiencies within their organization.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we offer comprehensive financial analysis based on historical performance and comparable industry trends to determine an accurate valuation.


Our experts believe that future-proofing is essential to any business’s longevity and we’re here to help you with that. To position your company for sustained success, consider investing in technology and innovation, which can improve productivity and efficiency as well as building a strong brand identity and customer base through targeted marketing.

RFC also suggests exploring new business models to adapt quickly enough amidst continuously altering industry dynamics. 

We at Ruskin Felix Consulting also specialize in forecasting techniques that help businesses understand how much revenue they can expect in future years based on current trends and market conditions.

Our team uses both qualitative (e.g., surveys) and quantitative (e.g., data analysis) methods to create informed predictions about what will happen for your business financially over time. By viewing this information through different lenses such as cash flow projections or earnings per share growth rates we map out possible outcomes so our clients are empowered with critical knowledge when making decisions about investments highs/lows etcetera!

At RFC, we make sure to uncover and utilize specific ideas and strategies that can increase the business valuation & forecasting.  We also provide the entire implementation and execution process, so that businesses can be assured to get their desired growth.

We also give due focus on forecasting and demonstrating as to how the strategies, set in motion, could immensely help businesses make critical decisions about future investments. By forecasting accurately, businesses can optimize their resources while avoiding bottlenecks or shortfalls.


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Client Results

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC and Globalfy collaborated on a value report. Business, credit, competitive, and projection risks are highlighted in the report to demonstrate the project’s financial viability. Infrastructure outlays dominate the report. We highlighted revenue segmentation and the company’s past financials to assess the project’s financial viability.


diversification strategy, new markets, conglomerate diversification, new industry

Importance of Diversifying Your Business

Diversifying your business can reduce risk and increase opportunities for growth. It allows you to adapt to changes in the market, reach new customers and markets, and create multiple revenue streams. It’s essential for long-term success and sustainability.

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