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Financial Services

RF Consulting LLC

comprehensive Financial Services

We at RF Consulting provide end-to-end financial services to our clients across the globe. We pride ourselves as being a one-stop shop solution for all your financial work and requirements.

We Provide our services in a quality focussed timely manner, ensuring absolute client satisfaction and need fulfillment. Our Financial Services include valuation, accounting, taxation and formulation of financial statements and financial modelss.

Financial Services & Management Accounting

Financial, managerial & Taxation matters

Financial & Managerial Accounting

Do you have reliable, up to date, and timely details about your company’s performance? Turnover, Margin, Expenses, and Cash Flow can all be tracked using management accounts. It is the lifeblood of all well-run companies, used to enhance efficiency, educate strategy, increase income, encourage thorough research, and highlight problems.

We make it easier for your external accountants to conduct audits, prepare tax returns for you and to plan your taxes. We can also provide you the full service you require by partnering with audit and tax service providers. As your financial consultants and management accountants, we will take the responsibilities for preparing tailored financial reports for your stakeholders, calculation of financial ratios and identification of any deviations.

Budgeting, Valuation & Financial Modelling

These issues often arise during any deal, whether it is an acquisition, disposition, or merger: What is the fair value? What is the maximum sum that should be paid?

We at RF consulting provide extensive valuation based on financial modelling, technical accounting, corporate finance, tax, strategy, and deep industry experience. Our opinion is based on a vast experience and sound professional judgment in valuations of companies and assets.

“A penny saved is a Penny Earned”

Benjamin Franklin

Our Financial Services

Accounting Services

We provide end to end accounting services ranging creation of income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statements, statement of retained earnings and providing audit support.

Valuation Services

We give our clients best in the market valuation services that include valuation of business interests, tangible Assets Valuation, Intangible assets valuation, including purchase price allocation, Fairness opinions, Impairment Test and Share-based Payment Valuation.

Financial Modelling

We create financial models that will help you raise capital (debt and/or equity), making acquisitions, growing the business organically, selling or divesting assets and business units, budgeting and forecasting to plan for future and valuing a business.

Financial Analysis

RF consulting helps you in Evaluate financial performance by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts. Projecting income statement line items, analyze past results, perform variance analysis, identify trends, and make recommendations for improvements.

Decision Making

We provide managers to better their decision-making skills by providing them with structured information and ascertain various business issues by providing financial services based on strategies.

Managerial Accounting

RF consulting provides managers with various facets of financial information which includes product costing, budgeting, forecasting, and various financial analysis to help them make key business decisions.

Taxation Services

At RF consulting we deliver deep knowledge of tax and statutory requirements as well as a breadth of experience applying them in practice worldwide. Practical tax advice combined with our consistent tax compliance framework instils confidence that a consistent approach is followed across jurisdictions. 

Formulation of Fin. Statements

Financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements convey the business activities and financial performance of a company. We provide a one stop solution to your financial needs as these statements are often audited by government agencies, accountants, firms, etc. to ensure accuracy and for tax, financing, or investing purposes

Audit of Fin. Statements

At RF consulting, we are committed to inspiring greater confidence and trust, with a comprehensive understanding of the businesses we audit and enhanced transparency through our audits. We recognize that stakeholders require greater assurance and value from the audit.

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RFC helps clients generate long-term value for all stakeholders. We help clients transform, grow, and operate while fostering trust through assurance with our services and solutions, which are made possible by data and technology.


RFC’s key reports and insights about trending areas of business and enterprise. Understanding the aspects of business, growth, sustainability and efficiency in the rapidly developing world.

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