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Financial modeling is a key aspect of managerial accounting that allows businesses to evaluate important financial decisions. At Ruskin Felix Consulting, we understand that thorough modeling is essential for strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting and more. Our experts have extensive experience developing comprehensive models to analyze potential outcomes from a wide range of choices.

Whether you are exploring new investment opportunities, considering expansion plans, or seeking to optimize operations, accurate financial modeling provides vital insights. We work with clients to define objectives and key assumptions, then build customized models incorporating variables like revenues, costs, capital expenditures, cash flows and more. 

Ruskin Felix consultants are skilled at developing intuitive models using software like Excel. In addition to building quantitative models, we also apply qualitative factors drawing on industry expertise. Models are presented to clients along with clear explanations and recommendations. Ongoing review further refines models to changing conditions, allowing continuous re-evaluation of strategies. The end result is a powerful decision-making tool grounded in thorough analysis and forecasting.


We start by discussing your goals and constraints so the right metrics are analyzed. Assumptions around revenues, costs etc. form the basis. Our models test various what-if scenarios like new markets, products or cost savings plans. This compares outcomes.

Accurate financial modelling gives crucial information for making informed decisions about investing, expanding, and optimising business operations. Scenario analysis allows comparison of multiple potential scenarios. Sensitivity analysis further identifies the impact of fluctuations in important drivers.

Our financial models seamlessly integrate with budgets and forecasts. Key assumptions and drivers are aligned between the tools to ensure consistency across … strategic planning documents. This provides a cohesive, comprehensive view of the financial implications of current and prospective decisions. Sensitivity ranges for forecasts are also based on modeling parameters to facilitate ongoing monitoring and adjustment as real data emerges.

RFC conducts sophisticated capital budgeting modeling to evaluate potential investments. We analyze projects using techniques like net present value, internal rate of return and payback period to determine which opportunities will maximize long-term value and profitability. Clients gain clear insight into accepting or rejecting capital expenditures.


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Client Results

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC prepared a financial modelling portfolio to highlight the viability of the NFT project by emphasizing on the MVP development, Pre-development cost, user acquisition, gaming platform, NFT and the annual costs. The model also highlights the virtual token value ratio and the PVP match fees, and in-game ads revenue. The modelling portfolio sheds light on the active users of the game and the market capitalization. To understand the financial viability of the game, the model highlights the initial fee of the game, transaction revenue and the total revenue. The model also provides details on the value of the project.


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