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As any astute business leader knows, accurate accounting forms the bedrock of sound decision-making. At Ruskin Felix Consulting (RFC), we recognize the immense value of managerial accounting in providing crucial insights for effective planning, control, and performance evaluation. Our esteemed services go beyond traditional financial analysis by implementing robust cost allocation strategies and establishing meticulous budgetary controls that drive profitability optimization. With RFC as your trusted partner, unlock your organization’s true potential and embark on a transformative journey towards sustainable growth through our expert managerial accounting solutions.

Trust RFC to unlock your organization’s full potential and drive sustainable growth through our expert managerial accounting solutions. Let’s discuss how RFC services can provide priceless strategic insights. The bottom line is our top priority.


RFC experts develop budgets and forecasts to help set financial goals. We project key metrics like revenues, expenses and cash flows. Comparing actuals to budgets each month alerts clients to potential issues. This strategic planning arm you with foresight.

It’s not enough to simply track costs – we analyze how they behave at different production levels. Are costs mostly fixed or variable? Knowing cost behavior is critical for pricing decisions, outsourcing options, and more strategic calls.

We equip clients with analytical models like cost-volume-profit analysis. These reveal break-even points and the financial impacts of choices such as pricing strategies or new product lines. The analysis supports well-informed decision making.

RFC benchmarks divisions and holds managers accountable using metrics including ROI, margins and financial ratios. Examining performance highlights what’s working well and where improvements could maximize profits.


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The comprehensive report prepared by RFC encompassed a product analysis and financial assessment to identify potential risks and opportunities for the company.


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RFC helps clients generate long-term value for all stakeholders. We help clients transform, grow, and operate while fostering trust through assurance with our services and solutions, which are made possible by data and technology.


RFC’s key reports and insights about trending areas of business and enterprise. Understanding the aspects of business, growth, sustainability and efficiency in the rapidly developing world.

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