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Why Sustainability Matters?

Purpose-Driven Profit

Modern-age companies can no longer operate solely for profit-making purposes. Such companies will have a short life span with limited impact on the world. Every major business on the planet has a purpose to fulfil which benefits the people in one form or another. These purposes act as a lamppost for businesses to guide their progress. In such a scenario where, long-term goals are given importance, sustainability inevitably becomes a part of the conversation.

Ruskin Felix Consulting's Commitment

We at Ruskin Felix Consulting are strong advocates of Sustainability. We realise that business owners across the globe wish to do their part to make our surroundings better and greener but with minimal compromise to profitability. A bleeding business which cannot sustain operations does not have the luxury to incorporate sustainable practices.

Purpose-Driven Profit

This is where our professional services come in where we aim to strike a balance between meeting your ESG goals and mitigating risks. Our certified auditors incorporate strategically oriented solutions and make sustainability a core aspect of your business where vision and pragmatism join hands.

Our Approach

Strategic Orientation

Strategic Orientation

We incorporate sustainability as a part of your core strategy such that the ESG goals are aligned with your long-term business goals



Increasing the efficiency of your day-to-day operations in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner

Customer Centric

Customer Centric

Incorporating sustainability practices which gives your customers access to differentiated offerings



Transforming your business and operational model to help you achieve your sustainability goals without disrupting existing structure.

Our Services

ESG Services

esg audit

ESG Audit

ESG audits serve as a compass for corporate virtue, pointing organizations toward sustainable business practices. Businesses should carefully examine environmental, social, and governance factors to identify areas for improvement. Because of this, mission-driven business practices are promoted, which is good for both shareholders and society as a whole.

brsr audit

BRSR Audit

Measurement, reporting, and practice revolution are the cornerstones of success in the dynamic field of sustainability. Businesses can navigate the sustainability journey and generate transparent reports that encourage change across the industry by using reliable metrics.

sustainable future

Sustainable & Equitable Future

By promoting global cooperation and resilience, a sustainable and equitable future seeks to strike a balance between environmental, social, and economic well-being through efficient use of resources, renewable power, and equitable policies.

esg implementation

ESG Implementation

Get the metrics and KPIs for ESG in sync with its long-term objectives. Focusing on eco-friendly tactics is a surefire way to win over your target audience. We have simplified our supply chains as part of our dedication to ecological responsibility. Similarly, if you embed ESG principles deep within the fabric of your business, you’ll create genuineness and sustain value.

green transition

A Green Transition Roadmap

Long-term navigational success relies heavily on careful strategic mapping. By working together, we can prove that eco-centric frameworks are worth adopting, as they provide benefits beyond just financial and ecological ones.

Implementing ISO Standards

iso 140001

Environment Management

ISO 14001

Sets out the requirements for an environmental management system which can be certified to. It shows a company or organisation, guidelines to setting up an effective environmental management system by giving a set of rules to follow.

energy management

Energy Management

ISO 50001

Outlines energy management requirements for organizations to establish an energy management framework. Involves policy development, target setting, data use, measurement, review and continuous improvement. Helps organizations to manage energy usage, reduce environmental impact, and enhance sustainability efforts.

sustainable events

Sustainable Event Management

ISO 20121

Suitable for anyone involved in the event industry. Guides managing events and minimising their social, economic, and environmental impact. Its flexible approach can be used for any type of event and includes monitoring and measuring guidelines. It has practical and useful guidelines and can help cut costs. It’s suitable for anyone involved in the event industry.

social responsibility

Social Responsibility

ISO 26000

It provides guidance to those who recognize that respect for society and environment is a critical success factor. Application of ISO 26000 is increasingly viewed as a way of assessing an organization’s commitment to sustainability and its overall performance.

net zero guidelines

Net Zero Guidelines

IWA 42

Provides guiding principles and recommendations to enable a common global approach to drive organizations to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050—at the latest. It promotes and gives guidance on taking action to address all GHG emissions in an organization’s value chain.

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