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We at Ruskin Felix Consulting recognize that sustainable practices are no longer optional but instead a mandatory aspect for responsible businesses. With growing concerns regarding environmental impact, adopting sustainability measures has become essential to maintaining a competitive edge. 

That’s why our Business Resiliency and Sustainability Review (BRSR) process begins with an in-depth assessment of your business policies and procedures. This allows us to identify areas of opportunity where wastage can be reduced, and profitability can be enhanced.

Once we’ve identified where you can improve, our expert consultants work with you to develop new strategies that align with sustainability objectives while meeting business goals. We help organizations create compelling reports on their progress towards achieving environmental objectives, making them even more attractive to stakeholders.

RFC also equips companies with monitoring tools to track growth over time continuously. This way, firms can measure their progress and continue improving operations sustainably while maintaining their competitive edge.

What to Expect?

Fundamental Understanding

Fundamental Understanding

We provide end-to-end support to organizations seeking to undergo the BRSR audit, from strategy development to reporting.

Societal and Business Advantage

Societal and Business Advantage

It provides valuable insights into the company's ESG performance, helping identify inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization. Thus, bolstering stake holders’ confidence.

Value Deliverance

Value Deliverance

Developing a preliminary report of objectives, metrics, timelines and reporting methodologies before carrying out an assessment.

Sustainability Report Preparation

Sustainability Report Preparation

Helping firms build robust ESG data systems for impactful reporting, bolstering stakeholder confidence, and fostering sustainable growth.

Why Choose Us?

RFC can be your ideal partner in implementing sustainable solutions tailored to your specific business requirements. We possess significant experience working with clients across diverse industry sectors, thereby enabling us to design highly relevant and customized solutions that align with our client’s scope of work. Schedule with us a Business Resiliency and Sustainability Review (BRSR) audit aimed at promoting sustainable business practices for your organization.

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