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An Energy Management System guides businesses and organisations to develop and implement an energy policy, setting up achievable targets for energy usage and designing action plans to reach set goals and at the same time setting up mechanisms to measure progress. The green roadmap which we have visualized would help us carve a better and sustainable future.

This might involve putting new energy-saving technologies into use, cutting down on energy waste or optimising current procedures to reduce energy costs. An energy management system helps organizations to manage their energy use in a more efficient manner thus improving productivity. ISO 50001 provides organizations with a recognized framework for developing an effective energy management system.

What to Expect?

Energy Optimization

Energy Optimization

Improved energy performance by making better use of organisation’s energy-intensive assets



Enhanced competitive advantage by driving down operational costs

Stakeholder Reputation

Stakeholder Reputation

Enhanced reputation among stakeholders through reduction in adverse environmental impact

Why Choose Us?

We at Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC understand that managing energy consumption is critical for your organization’s success and growth. Our consulting solutions facilitate organizations to develop and implement an effective Energy Management System (EMS) designed to optimize energy usage while reducing operational costs. 

By following the guidelines by set by ISO 50001, we work towards enhancing competitiveness by driving down energy costs and ultimately improving productivity through better utilization of resources. Our focus is to provide an innovative approach to your problems by leveraging technology to provide expert analysis and recommendations.

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