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Net-Zero Guidelines

IWA 42


IWA-42’s Net-Zero Guidelines contains guiding principles and recommendations to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. This is achieved by alignment of various voluntary initiatives, adopting internationally accepted standards, policies and regulations at national and international levels. 

It provides guidance on what organisations can do to effectively contribute to limiting global warming to 1.5°C by achieving net zero no later than 2050. Recognizing the capability of individual organisations in contributing to net-zero guidelines, IWA 42 standards provides for common and equitable contributions that various organisations can make.

What to Expect?

Net-Zero Goals

Net-Zero Goals

Align net zero targets and actions with the latest scientific knowledge and good practice, and contribute to the global effort to limit warming to 1.5°C.



Enhanced credibility, transparency and accountability by using consistent terms, definitions, indicators and reporting methods for net zero.

Greener Operations

Greener Operations

Improved their energy efficiency, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and costs, and increase use of renewable energy sources.

Innovations and Collaboration

Innovations and Collaboration

Foster innovation, collaboration and competitiveness by joining voluntary initiatives and networks on net zero.

Why Choose Us?

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC., we have made an unwavering commitment towards a sustainable future. Our services follow globally recognised net-zero guidelines and methodology to equip businesses with the necessary tools and methods to make a substantial contribution towards limiting global warming in accordance with their scale of operations. 

Our approach involves helping organizations drive greener operations by improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and incorporating use of renewable energy sources at various levels with the help of net-zero guidelines. We at RFC, offer our clients personalized and actionable insights that cater to varying organisational needs and budgets.

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