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To achieve a sustainable and equitable future, our firm has focused on two critical areas: net neutrality and reducing carbon footprint. Net neutrality ensures everyone has equal access to information and communication online. It’s a cornerstone of a democratic society, where the free flow of ideas is essential.

Advocating for net neutrality reflects our commitment to promoting fairness and openness in the digital world. Simultaneously, we work on reducing carbon footprint through helping companies minimize damages accruing from industries’ negative environmental impact – resulting in risks of climate change. We aim to build sustainable businesses capable of balancing profitability.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting, we specialize in creating sustainability plans that are designed specifically for your organization’s unique needs; plans which empower your employees with innovative approaches to create meaningful social and environmental change. We specialize in creating sustainability plans that don’t disrupt your business operations while empowering your employees to create meaningful social and environmental change.

What to Expect?

Building a Sustainable Future

Building a Sustainable Future

We help businesses transition to sustainable practices that align with stakeholder expectations, to create a better tomorrow

Sustainable Operations

Sustainable Operations

Pragmatic sustainable practices to reduce costs whilst driving revenue growth and safeguarding environment.

Personalized Roadmaps

Personalized Roadmaps

Develop strategies for providing actionable roadmaps towards successful implementation resulting in optimal outcomes.

Efficient Sustainable Practices

Efficient Sustainable Practices

Constructing strategic plans for implementation of STGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through regular training sessions & awareness activities.

Why Choose Us?

At Ruskin Felix Consulting, we recognize that sustainability and equity are not just important but also essential aspects for a better tomorrow. We remain committed to creating positive change through our focus on two core areas – net neutrality and reducing carbon footprint – both of which carry global significance today. 

Our comprehensive solutions address the ever-growing challenge of environmental sustainability through implementation of energy-efficient operations alongside optimized use of resources while also championing policies enabling equal access to information. Together, we can make the transition towards a more equitable and sustainable future with care for environment and societal well-being

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