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ISO 20121


Events, irrespective of their size or scale, present a significant strain on local resources, generate extensive waste and can potentially cause cultural tensions. Sustainable Event Management becomes even more challenging considering the various partners and suppliers involved in organizing the event. 

ISO 20121(Sustainable Event Management) provides innovative solutions to these obstacles and more. It has been developed by representatives from the same sector on an international scale, the aim of these guidelines is to tackle the challenges faced by the event industry in a sustainable manner at all stages of its supply chain.

What to Expect?

Resource Optimization

Resource Optimization

Conforming to the required standards will provide opportunities to reduce resource utilisation and cost reduction

Sustainability Methodology

Sustainability Methodology

Methodology based on expert international consensus for achieving positive results in the implementation of sustainability

Mitigating Adverse Impact

Mitigating Adverse Impact

Organised and process-based approach to manage economic, social and environmental impacts in Event Management

Enhanced Reputation

Enhanced Reputation

Enhanced leadership reputation by using recognized international framework for Sustainability in Event management

Why Choose Us?

Effective event management practices are essential for fostering sustainability. Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC provide sustainable solutions that enable environmental responsibility while supporting all stages of the event’s supply chain. 

Our unique approach specializes in optimal resource utilization, ensuring efficient organization of events with minimal expenses and resource consumption. We rely on internationally recognized frameworks for Sustainable Event Management to develop a process-based solution towards minimizing adverse impacts on both society and the environment alike.

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