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Comprehensive Business Plan – IoCure

IoCure RFC

We worked in partnership with IoCure, a company that offers a novel therapy for COVID-19 and other respiratory infections using steam inhalation of a heated iodine and iodide salt solution. We have provided IoCure with comprehensive investor documentation, such as IM, decks, strategy, and financial model for their therapy. These documents highlight the mission, vision, value proposition, market opportunity, competitive advantage, customer journey, partners, and business model of IoCure and its therapy. We have also conducted market research, competitive analysis, regulatory assessment, and valuation estimation for IoCure and its therapy. These analyses provide valuable information and insights on the current and future trends, challenges, opportunities, risks, and strategies in the respiratory infection field.

IoCure has developed and commercialized a novel therapy that can meet this need by using steam inhalation of a heated iodine and iodide salt solution. The therapy is based on the inventor’s belief in the safety and efficacy of iodine against viruses on mucus membranes. Iodine is a well-known antiseptic that has been used for various purposes, such as wound care, water purification, and disinfection. However, iodine has not been widely used as an inhalation therapy for respiratory infections, due to its volatility, toxicity, and irritation. IoCure has overcome these challenges by using a heated iodine and iodide salt solution, which releases therapeutically effective amounts of volatile iodine at a controlled temperature and concentration.

The solution is administered by steam inhalation using a device that heats and vaporizes the solution. The device is designed to deliver the solution to the lower respiratory system, where most respiratory pathogens affect or penetrate the mucosal lining of the lung. The solution is expected to kill the pathogens by disrupting their cell membranes and inhibiting their replication.

IoCure has achieved several milestones, such as patent filing, confirmatory trial, and device development. The company is ready to conduct phase I clinical trial in the US and seeks to obtain regulatory approvals in the US and ex-US markets. The company also intends to explore other applications of its therapy to other diseases, such as breast cancer, where iodine may have anti-tumor effects. The company faces some challenges, such as scaling up manufacturing, securing funding, and competing with other COVID-19 treatments. However, the company has a strong competitive edge in terms of its unique value proposition,

We have also designed a robust and flexible business model for IoCure, using our predefined tools. We have considered two scenarios: self-distribution model and licensed manufacturing model. We have compared the pros and cons of each scenario, using our own surveys and knowledge.

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