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Amongst these, Angel Investing stands out as an attractive avenue for start-ups looking for quick funding solutions. Angel investors are experienced individuals who possess deep knowledge and insights across various industries. Early-stage startups receive much-needed support from angel investors when seeking access to funding beyond traditional banking systems.

Unlike banks, angel investors have a higher risk appetite and readily invest in small-scale or early stage businesses that may not yet have reached profitability. This makes them an excellent source of initial funds that startups need at the beginning of their operations but may not qualify for financing from banks.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC., we understand how critical it is to choose the right form of private equity investment based on your business’s unique needs. Our expert team will work with you to identify the most appropriate funding options available so that you can pursue growth and expansion strategies with confidence.


At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we understand the importance of maximizing your investment potential as an angel investor. Our team can help you identify promising startups and provide insights that can help you make informed investment decisions.

By continuously improving our methods, we aim to Maximizing Your Investment Potential. Explore our diverse services tailored to offer custom solutions for your business’s unique needs and unlock unparalleled growth opportunities.

Due to the higher risk appetite of these angel investors, they become an optimal deal-breaker as small and mid-size industries and organizations can reach out to them for bagging an initial investment. 

With our expertise in startup evaluation and due diligence, we can help you expand your investment portfolio and diversify your holdings. Our team can help you identify startups in a variety of industries and provide insights that can help you make strategic investment decisions.

Any investing opportunity discovered by us would result into a partnership that is built on trust and shared goals. Angel investors have an active participation in board meetings as well. They do not just revolve around making financial returns but instead are more focused on making a lasting impact.

Our team can help you connect with entrepreneurs and provide mentorship and guidance that can help them succeed. From networking events to one-on-one consultations, we can help you build a strong network of promising entrepreneurs.

Performance is critical to success in angel investing. Our team can help you optimize your investment performance by providing insights and guidance that can help you make informed investment decisions. From portfolio management to exit strategies, we can help you achieve your investment goals.

At our firm, we understand the transformative power of angel investing. We have witnessed it firsthand and know how the right mentorship can make all the difference in the entrepreneurial journey.


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Online movie streaming and cinema: video player on a laptop screen, 3D glasses RFC

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Priymus and prepared comprehensive investor documentation, IM, Whitepapers, Decks, strategy and the composite tokenomics and financial model for the for their idea of the future of video streaming. The report emphasizes on the mission of the project, the problems associated with the streaming platform, and the solutions for the play-to-earn model. 


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