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The assistance of Product Management Consultants can assist your business in aligning products with a product management strategy and simultaneously keeping in loop with all key stakeholders in the process by providing product consulting. This approach enables the creation of market-leading products that align with your company’s vision.

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC can help to come up with efficient strategies which essentially aim to achieve perfect harmony between product management with their organization’s goals. Our team of experienced product management consultants can work closely with the organization’s leadership to identify key stakeholders and understand their needs and requirements.


An environment conducive to R&D innovation is essential for the development of a complex product. Safeguards are necessary in product design and user experience to ensure progress is made without stifling creativity. There are a wide variety of management abilities required for successful product management, but we’ll only cover the five most important here.

We’re here to help you streamline your processes and optimize your operations. We pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made solutions that fit each client’s specific needs.

Due to our successful conversion ratio, we can assist the organization in building the management capabilities necessary for successful product development, including product design and user experience. We may also help the company foster a climate that supports R&D innovation while enforcing strict rules to prevent the stifling of creativity.

Overall, our goal as a consulting company is to help organizations navigate the intangibilities and challenges which come up while developing a product development process by providing them with the necessary tools and support to succeed.

Creating a solid product roadmap is essential for a successful project launch or management. A roadmap outlines the steps involved from ideation to commercialization of new ideas guiding developers through each stage of production allowing for checks & balances within assumed timelines harnessing resources efficiently thus reducing the chance of going off track resulting in unnecessary waste and expenses.

Due to various variables and overall complexity lingering in this domain, we understand and try to create the best product roadmap which are in line with your production process.


Our pricing strategy is tailored around competitors all while focusing on ensuring profitability. The sales channel must be optimized while making sure pricing structure compliments wider company campaigns thus maximizing financial gains.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we understand that effective product management requires attentiveness and deliberate planning if you want to remain profitable in today’s highly competitive industry. Organizations make use our insights regarding analyzing current operations or building strategies for future growth execute confidently in ways that foster long term profitability with superior results.


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Time Management RFC Productivity Software

We at RFC consulted NUMO on product consulting which primarily focused on setting vision and strategy for the product. NUMO allows users to schedule and track their daily activities, creating an integrated platform for productivity and scheduling. We helped NUMO in Product conceptualization, product design and product lifecycle management.


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Strategy for Successful Talent Management

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