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Welcome to Ruskin Felix Consulting, the ultimate destination for all things finance in the new world! Our expert team is fully prepared to help you with decentralized finance, also known as DeFi. DeFi is a model that allows cryptocurrency-based transactions, exchanges and financial services without a centralized authority dictating how they are conducted.

In traditional forms of finance or centralized finance (CeFi) within crypto markets, there is always some central authority in control of transactions- think banks or government regulators. But with DeFi, there’s no one calling the shots from above; it’s all about taking the power away from central authorities and giving it back to individuals.

With peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions becoming more common and popular for buying, selling goods and even borrowing money without banks involved. It makes sense for similar trends in finance to follow suit.

DeFi is a revolutionary concept that could change the way you do business forever. Smart contracts make all this possible by enabling financial transactions within the decentralized ecosystem supported on blockchains like Ethereum. We at RFC, help with complete execution of such Decentralized businesses as well as DAO models while ensuring viability and technical quality in your project.


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Client Results

Designing, Creating and strategising a decentralized blockchain platform aiming to create De-fi automated algorithmic trading with a community element.

We helped the management team prepare the technical documentation project as well as create comprehensive node management functionality for reducing transaction latency.


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The Impact of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain’s impact on consulting: smart contracts, document timestamps, and payment processing can be automated with existing blockchain infrastructure, eliminating intermediaries in financial services.

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