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Platform development is all about building the basic foundation and infrastructure that allows other apps and services to be created on top of it. It is about developing the core functionality and basics that internal teams and external developers can then utilize. Some of the key things involved include creating APIs so people can access features, common services that multiple things can tap into like notifications or payments, reusable components for consistency, and helpful development tools.

A platform makes app creation a lot more streamlined and collaborative. It lets organizations build solutions faster since they are not redoing the same work repeatedly which leads to an efficient integration of all the components required to build the platform. A platform empowers developers to focus on innovating rather than wasting time rebuilding basic components. Developers can leverage what already exists through the APIs.

A platform speeds up the development process. Bugs get caught earlier since quality is higher. It paves the way for a whole ecosystem of apps to be built. Instead of each app or service being standalone, they can all draw from the same pool of features. When done right, a platform really facilitates building a whole community of integrated solutions. Platform development encourages both innovation and reuse at the same time.


Different businesses require different approach. Starting out small and building out the platform features incrementally over time helps businesses to improve their efficiency over time. This allows organizations to get an MVP out there early for developers to work with. RFC can then gather feedback and add more features and services as usage grows.

Developers prefer to do more upfront planning and design before writing any code. Taking the time for thorough requirements like gathering information, architecture planning and API design pays off in avoiding rework later. RFC can help you strategically put all these elements into place efficiently.

Some platforms are built solely for internal use, while many are designed openly for an external developer community as well. This external focus requires more documentation, education and community support. Our team will proficiently map out what businesses require and help develop their platforms accordingly.

The main objective of your platform should be to create an engaging community for your target audience. Different development strategies suit different situations. The key is understanding your goals and users, then picking a process that works for your unique needs and preferences. Iterative and collaborative approaches tend to work best.


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Client Results

platform development client

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Galaxy Skyverse (GSV) to develop a space-based exploration game. RFC helped design their comprehensive gaming platform components which constitutes of Game Design document, Whitepaper, Tokenomics and handled their social media platforms. These strategies showcased our experience for efficiently managing their platform development.


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