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Ruskin Felix Consulting (RFC) collaborated with CitiBank to offer comprehensive wealth management solutions, particularly in the domain of pre-IPO opportunities for ESOP shareholders of prominent companies. As deal flow partners, RFC worked closely with CitiBank’s India Investment desk to identify and capitalize on lucrative pre-IPO opportunities for ESOP shareholders seeking to list for IPO.

Through this strategic partnership, RFC successfully facilitated deals for approximately 250 Crore, involving well-known companies such as Paytm, NSE, HDFC NFFC, and others. The wealth management services provided by RFC played a pivotal role in securing lucrative pre-IPO opportunities for ESOP shareholders, enabling them to unlock the value of their investments and optimize their wealth.

By aligning their expertise in wealth management with CitiBank’s India Investment desk, RFC strategically navigated the complexities of pre-IPO opportunities, providing clients with tailored solutions that catered to their unique financial goals and objectives. The synergy between RFC and CitiBank resulted in a successful track record of deal closures, delivering tangible value to the shareholders and enhancing their financial position.

Through its wealth management services, RFC demonstrated its commitment to empowering clients with cutting-edge financial solutions, positioning them favorably in the rapidly evolving financial landscape. By providing strategic insights, market expertise, and personalized financial planning, RFC strengthened CitiBank’s wealth management capabilities, cementing its position as a reliable and trusted partner in the pre-IPO wealth management space.

With the help of CitiBank’s wealth management capabilities, RFC has continued to expand its wealth management portfolio to offer a wide range of customised financial services to its clients. The collaboration with CitiBank showcases RFC’s commitment to innovation. RFC stands as a trusted partner in guiding its clients to maximum business opportunities. RFC and CitiBank remain to stand dedicated to empowering clients with knowledge and tools that they need to achieve their financial aspirations to grow.

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