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Ruskin Felix Consulting collaborated with CASS Pharma, a company that is transforming the diabetes landscape with its novel ultra-rapid-acting injectable insulin formulations. We have provided CASS Pharma with comprehensive investor documentation, such as IM, whitepapers, decks, strategy, and financial model for their products. These documents highlight the mission, vision, value proposition, market opportunity, competitive advantage, customer journey, partners, and tokenomics of CASS Pharma and its products. We have also conducted market research, competitive analysis, regulatory assessment, and valuation estimation for CASS Pharma and its products. These analyses provide valuable information and insights on the current and future trends, challenges, opportunities, risks, and strategies in the diabetes field.

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder that affects millions of people worldwide and causes serious complications such as cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, blindness, and amputation. Diabetes is characterized by high blood glucose levels due to insufficient insulin production or action. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels and is essential for the survival of people with type 1 diabetes and some people with type 2 diabetes. However, the current insulin formulations have limitations such as slow absorption, instability at room temperature, and risk of hypoglycemia. These factors reduce the efficacy, safety, and accessibility of insulin therapy.

CASS Pharma has developed and commercialized novel ultra-rapid-acting injectable insulin formulations that can overcome these limitations and improve the management of diabetes mellitus. The company has two lead product candidates: CASS Ultra-Rapid-Acting Lispro and CASS Ultra-Stable and Ultra-Fast-Acting RHI. Both products use Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) ingredients and are compatible with existing insulin delivery devices. They have been tested in diabetic mini pigs and have shown faster absorption and better glucose control than the current market leaders. CASS Ultra-Rapid-Acting Lispro is formulated with GRAS ingredients and may be eligible for Breakthrough Therapy Designation in the US and fast track designation ex-US. CASS Ultra-Stable and Ultra-Fast-Acting RHI uses generic recombinant human insulin and GRAS ingredients that stabilize the insulin and speed its absorption into the blood. CASS Ultra-Stable and Ultra-Fast-Acting RHI does not require refrigeration and is eligible for Breakthrough Therapy Designation in the US and fast track designation ex-US.

We have used our expertise and experience to assess and support CASS Pharma in achieving its milestones and goals. We have also provided guidance and advice to CASS Pharma on how to approach potential strategic partners and investors for their US and EU operations. We have identified and contacted relevant stakeholders in the industry and facilitated negotiations and discussions with them. We have been working closely with CASS Pharma to bring their innovative insulin products to the market and improve the lives of millions of people with diabetes.

We believe that CASS Pharma has a promising business opportunity and a strong competitive edge in the diabetes market. We recommend that you consider investing in or partnering with CASS Pharma to benefit from their products and vision.

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