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Primary research is the process of collecting data directly from your target audience through methods like surveys, interviews, and focus groups. This gives companies valuable feedback on their products or services and helps guide improvements for future growth. Over time, we’ve discovered several effective primary market research methodologies that work great for different business industries. 

It is plausible that you may stumble across something useful with thorough analysis of secondary data (think market reports or competitor analysis), but to really get to know your audience intimately requires direct communication with them. Hence, at Ruskin Felix Consulting we understand the value of primary research for optimizing your business needs!


At Ruskin Felix Consulting, we primarily help our clients get clear on their research objectives by defining what they hope to achieve with this effort. Helping them articulate their goals and objectives will give you a head start in identifying areas where improvement is needed.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we understand that every business has unique needs and goals. That’s why customizing our approach to conducting primary research is essential for us; we believe in getting down and dirty- figuratively speaking of course.

With the enormity of internet in the modern times, its easier than ever to collect information. With an array of online tools available researching for potential participants has become easier than ever before no matter how wide or specific your demographic might be. At RFC, be rest assured that the data collected is accurately and ethically following regulatory compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA.

In addition to gaining honest feedback on products/services being offered by clients’, taking things off-line yet remaining digital has never been more effective than with Google Surveys; think online or app-based pop-up questionnaires as examples.

Service enhancements and product improvements are the most significant values that can be derived through primary market research. With a better understanding of your target audience’s needs, service upgrades and product development– efforts will be directed towards providing a smooth customer experience while optimizing operational efficiencies without breaking a sweat!

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC can help you assess what parts of your business require optimization by delving into segments such as user pathways, seasonal patterns in customer buying behavior & assessing churn rates to deliver insightful performance solutions beyond your expectations.

We ensure that continuous improvements are put into place by welcoming feedback from clients themselves as well from other associated consultants in their fields. This means new innovative ways of collecting data, working around restrictions while maximizing the benefits all while ensuring that our clients are ultimately satisfied with your findings.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we understand that every business has unique needs and goals. That’s why customizing our approach to conducting primary research is essential for us as we understand that primary research should is an integral part of every business’s strategy when it comes to understanding their target audience.


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Designing, Creating and strategising a blockchain with a seperate proofing mechanism was done by our team for the project. We helped the management team prepare the technical documentation project as well as create comprehensive node management functionality for reducing transaction latency.


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