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Artificial Intelligence

Specific applications are involved to see how human intelligence is processed by computer systems.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Artificial intelligence and associated technologies are increasingly woven into the fabric of business and society. While promising benefits like increased efficiency, productivity and insights– a thoughtful approach ensures AI’s responsible development and oversight. 

As computing power advances, machines can now perform tasks traditionally requiring human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition & decision-making. This automation of repetitive and administrative tasks through AI promises increased efficiency and productivity as well as novel insights. Responsible development and oversight are key to ensuring AI’s safe and ethical development and adoption. 

As AI capabilities continue to expand into more complex domains, issues like transparency, bias, privacy, security and job disruption must be addressed. Technical mechanisms can provide transparency into how and why systems reach conclusions. Oversight processes help align AI with values like fairness and accountability. Additionally, reskilling and retraining workers equips them with skills for an increasingly automated future and supplements jobs and wages during transition periods. 

With diligent care– the promise of artificial intelligence to enhance lives and livelihoods can be responsibly realized while maintaining human autonomy, judgment and trust in emerging technologies. Consultants can advise on developing and applying AI to maximize benefits and mitigate challenges through a thoughtful approach.

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Artificial Intelligence Services

Generative AI

AI systems that can create new content such as text, images, audio and video with minimal human involvement. Applications include personalized marketing, drug discovery and more.

Data-Led Innovation

Utilize AI to glean new learnings from internal/external data fuels product enhancements and service innovations better meeting customer needs.

AI Solutions

Custom AI models address specific challenges across industries with applications like predictive maintenance, virtual agents, fraud detection and medical diagnostics.

Responsible AI Deployment

Implementing mechanisms that prioritize fairness, explainability and oversight mitigates risks from bias while maintaining trust in Artificial Intelligence systems.

Machine Learning

The study of AI algorithms that can automatically improve from experience. ML algorithms "learn" by building mathematical models from large amounts of data.

AI Driven Blockchain

Decentralized ledger technologies combined with AI/ML offer solutions for identity management, predictive analytics and automated transactions with added security, transparency and trust.


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Our Value Proposition

Strategic AI Guidance

Our consultants evaluate your processes, data assets and business objectives to develop tailored roadmaps for adopting AI/ML technologies. Implementation best practices ensure solutions meet ethics, security, explainability and performance standards.

Custom Solution Development

Our in-house team of experts, we provide guidance on proprietary AI/ML platforms and applications to automate tasks, gain insights and enhance decision-making in unique industry/use case scenarios.

Workforce Transformation

As AI capabilities expand, reskilling and cultural change management programs equip your teams with skills for an increasingly automated future. Custom training and talent optimization strategies ease disruption and maximize productivity.


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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partners with Galaxy Skyverse

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC has become one of the leading blockchain consulting firms. They have worked on complex tokenomics, business models and Web 3.0 Projects. With over 50 projects covered in the last 12 months alone, they are one of the most sought-after firms in Blockchain strategic consulting.

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Implementing techniques like algorithmic transparency, oversight processes, fairness metrics, mitigation of harmful biases and respect for privacy and consent.

Develop reskilling/upskilling programs, promote lifelong learning culture and implement job rotation/retraining to equip workers with skills for an increasingly automated future. Consider job and wage supplementation policies.

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