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Marketing & GTM Implementation

Our Marketing & GTM Implementation company is at the forefront of its field and can help you reach your marketing objectives, whether they are professional or personal.

Marketing & GTM Implementation

As business advisors at RFC,  we understand the importance of gaining thorough research and creating actionable insights. Comprehensive insights into customers and industry trends are invaluable for crafting impeccable solutions. Our team of experts can help analyze key demand drivers and assess both opportunities and risks within the market. We track competitor activities, including new product launches, campaigns, and strategies. 

The GTM then outlines the marketing tactics and channels that will be used to reach each segment. Digital channels like paid search, social media, email and websites are typically highly effective for generating awareness and consideration. Public relations and influencer marketing can also spread the word. Offline channels such as events, trade shows and partnerships may supplement the digital efforts, especially for business-to-business products.

Budgets need to be allocated across the different projects based on their projected return on investment. Key performance indicators should be set to measure the success of each tactic. 

By providing actionable insights within the demand landscape, you can make strategic decisions to strengthen and drive sustainable growth. Whether entering new markets, refreshing your brand, or innovating new products or services, our market intelligence equips your leadership and team foresight needed to make the right strategic moves.

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Marketing & GTM Implementation Services

1. Content Marketing

Our consulting service specializes in developing compelling content, designed to foster brand awareness, drive traffic and fuel business success.

2. Marketing Automation

A streamlined and efficient approach for your marketing campaigns to achieve increased efficiency, accuracy and revenue.

3. Reputation Management

Our team of experts help you build positive brand image, mitigate crises and maintain long-term reputation for businesses.

4. SEO Services

Our SEO specialists are dedicated to driving organic traffic, increasing visibility and boosting search engine rankings for businesses.

5. Social Media Management

Our holistic strategies drive customer engagement, foster a positive brand image and sustain business growth.

6. Digital Marketing

Our targeted digital marketing strategies focus on increasing traffic, leads and conversions for your business.


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Client Results

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The report focuses on risk assessment, key elements, strategies for reducing risks, and public relations tactics. The scope of current Bedrock special projects and potential growth markets in the Netherlands and Europe (including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, etc.) are outlined.

Our Value Proposition

Go-to-Market Strategy Development

We help define your optimal GTM approach through market research, competitive analysis and insights. Our detailed and tailored research ensures efficient allocation of resources towards the most promising opportunities.

Campaign Management

From launch to ongoing engagement, we coordinate multi-channel campaigns that build awareness and drive qualified leads. An efficient campaign management will lead to increasing the visibility of your business.

Customer Success Management

We ensure your maximum value and success with our solution. Proactive approach from our end ensures our investment into the business which in turn strengthens customers' bonds and outcomes.


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How to Improve Your Website SEO

Improving your website’s SEO can help you attract more traffic and generate leads for your business. There are several steps you can take to improve your website’s SEO, such as conducting keyword research, optimizing your website’s structure and content and building quality backlinks.

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Press & Media

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partners with Galaxy Skyverse

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC has become one of the leading blockchain consulting firms. They have worked on complex tokenomics, business models and Web 3.0 Projects. With over 50 projects covered in the last 12 months alone, they are one of the most sought-after firms in Blockchain strategic consulting.

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We engage with ambitious leaders who seek to shape the future rather than run from it. Together, we accomplish remarkable things.


Our team is available 24x7 and usually respond back in less than 3 hours. You can mail us with your requirement at

You can also book a consultation meeting with us through the link given here on the page to discuss your project in detail with our team. This would help us to provide you with a more personalized service offering.

We pride ourselves at having worked with various projects of global scale and have the team and knowledge to take your project to the next level. We also focus heavily on building financial viability into the project other than just creating hype based projects. This has helped us to deliver higher value to our customers over time.

We work closely with clients to understand their goals and challenges. Our analysts are skilled in identifying key insights and providing clear, strategic recommendations that clients can implement.

There are a few key ways to measure the success of a GTM implementation. Two of which are increase in qualified leads and opportunities generated from marketing efforts. You can also track engagement metrics like website visits, content downloads and event registrations. Surveying customers on their experience is useful. 

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