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Originally founded by Ruskin Felix Barar, a prestigious consulting firm, RFC helps clients to critically evaluate their strategy and provide cross-functional expertise through our strategic consulting arm.

Some of the top consulting firms like Bain company, Boston consulting group, McKinsey company, keystone group, booz allen hamilton and big four accounting firms, our firm also provides deep expertise in the supply chain, human capital, organisational design and strategy work for commercial due diligence, internal audit and provide exit opportunities to investors in firms

In these economically volatile times, strategic vision is more important than ever. RFC provides deep industry expertise in strategy consultancy and provides business leaders with strategic consultants forward-looking business strategy and technology consulting services that help drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. 

RF consulting delivers superior industry strategic consulting services across key areas including: Corporate strategy and Strategic planning, Brand strategy, growth, and innovation, Organizational effectiveness, Mergers and acquisitions and Functional strategy. 

Strategic Alignment and Corporate Strategy


Our Key Services

Operations Strategy

Operations strategy is the process of aligning an organization's operations with its overall business strategy to achieve its goals and objectives. It involves designing and managing the systems and processes used to produce and deliver products and services. The RFC firm and consultants provide strategies to build them.

Business Strategy

Business strategy refers to the overall plan or approaches that an organization adopts to achieve its goals and objectives. It outlines the direction the organization will take in terms of its product or service offerings, target markets, competitive positioning, pricing policy, and overall performance. Our consulting firm, RFC, will provide end-to-end solutions.

Growth Strategy

A growth strategy is a plan that an organization uses to increase its revenue, market share, or customer base. It is a set of actions and tactics that an organization employs to achieve expansion and growth. There are several different types of growth strategies that organizations can use, RFC delivers such analysis and qualified guidance on the same as a firm.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is a long-term plan for developing and managing a brand to achieve specific goals. It outlines how the brand will be positioned in the marketplace, what elements and messages it should convey to its target audience, and how it will differentiate itself from competitors.

Go-to-market Strategy

A go-to-market (GTM) strategy is a plan for how an organization will reach and acquire customers for its products or services. It outlines the tactics, channels, and resources that will be used to bring a product or service to market and help grow annual revenues for a client firm. Our consultants are equipped with market intelligence to execute these plans.

Innovation Strategy

Innovation strategy is a plan or approach that an organization adopts to generate new ideas, products, services, or processes that create value for the organization and its customers. It outlines the methods and processes that the organization will use to identify, evaluate, and implement new ideas, as well as the resources that will be allocated to support innovation and provide economic consulting.

Leadership Strategy

A leadership strategy is a plan for how an organization will develop and manage its leadership resources to achieve its goals and objectives. It outlines the methods and processes that the organization will use to identify, develop, and retain leaders and the resources that will be allocated to support leadership development and provide a good work life balance.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation strategy is a plan or approach that an organization adopts to leverage digital technologies and capabilities to improve business processes, increase efficiency and gain competitive advantage. It is the process of integrating digital technologies into all areas of an organization, fundamentally changing how it operates and delivers value to customers.

As a consulting group, Ruskin Felix Consulting provides multiple services across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. A company that focuses on quality consultancy, our consultants our members of prestigious bodies like AIPCA (US), CIMA (UK), ICAI, ACCA, FPSB etc.

Our consultants focus on a granular study of the firm’s operation and provide consultancy to match their needs and provide consultancy to increase their annual revenues. RFC prides in serving firm across multiple industries and providing advisory in private equity and Sustainable Economic consulting.

Corporate & Business Strategic Consulting

Strategic planning/Consulting and execution

Strategic planning involves a company identifying its direction to achieving its short- and medium-term goals. From the strategic planning effort, we often help businesses prepare a written business plan that identifies a company’s goals for the next 3-5 years and outlines the mechanisms to achieve those goals.

Our strategic consulting services, planning and execution services are intended to assist our clients in their strategic thinking, decision-making and tactics implementations. RF consulting services help business leaders not only to formulate winning strategies but also to execute those strategies.

When firms ask us to help them develop a strategy, our first step is understanding clients and their objectives.

For some, it’s about maximizing profit; for others, it’s about developing a legal structure, providing a succession plan, mitigating risk, or achieving market leadership for their business. We work closely with our clients to provide the best strategic consulting services and develop a powerful strategy with a clear road map for execution and build buy-in from key stakeholders along the way. 

Corporate strategy and Branding

Ruskin Felix Consulting works closely with firms to develop robust corporate and business unit strategies while building alignment across the organization.

We provide industry-specific strategic consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as market assessment, scenario planning, strategic planning process design, and alliance management.

Your brand is everything your customers think you are, everything they associate with you, and everything they expect when they interact with you.

We also provide strategy consulting to help your business create new sources of revenue growth. Tailoring proven best practices to your business and industry, we will work with you to develop world brand strategies.

"The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time"

~ Henry Ford ~

Understanding Strategy Consulting

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Strategy consulting firms provide advisory services to help organizations improve their performance by identifying and solving strategic and operational problems.

This can include things like analyzing market trends, conducting competitor research, and identifying new business opportunities. They work with firms across a wide range of industries and can advise on a variety of issues, including corporate strategy, organizational design, marketing and sales, supply chain management, and more.

The goal of strategy consulting is to help organizations make better decisions, optimize their operations, and achieve their long-term goals. A top consulting firm and other management consulting firms provide firms with services like litigation consulting, economic consulting, technology consulting, management consultancies, talent management, internal audit, functional expertise and serving firms and their human capital to increase the revenue generated as well develop further annual revenues of the company.

A company and firm always looks to develop its existing operations to provide investors with exit opportunities. Such practice areas are key in consulting firms and economic consulting where consulting companies and management consulting firms

There are many well-respected consulting firms, and the prestige of a firm can depend on a variety of factors such as size, reputation, clients, industry focus, and level of expertise. However, some of the most prestigious consulting firms are considered to be:

McKinsey & Company

Founded in 1926, Mckinsey company is one of the world’s oldest and most well-known consulting firms. It is considered one of the “Big Three” consulting firm, along with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Bain & Company.

Mckinsey company is renowned for providing high-quality services to top corporations and governments worldwide through their qualified team of McKinsey consultants.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

BCG is another one of the “Big Three” consulting firms. It is known for its expertise in the areas of strategy and operations and is considered one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world.

The Boston consulting group has operations across industries and is one of the top consulting firms.

Bain & Company

Bain is also considered one of the “Big Three” consulting firms and is known for its expertise in the areas of private equity and corporate finance.

KeyStone Group

A global management consulting firm with operations in consulting, due diligence work and a leader in management consulting firms.

Booz Allen Hamilton

A management consulting firm that focuses on global policy and ranks as one of the top firms as a sustainable consulting firm.

Big Four

The management consulting firm arm of the “big four” accounting firms such as Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and EY, also known as strategy consulting arm of the “big four” accounting firms

Such a big firm are considered prestigious and are known for their high-quality services, global reach, and high-profile firms. However, there are many other consulting firms that have a strong reputation in different regions or industries.

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Strategy consulting firms typically provide a range of services to their firm, including:

Identifying and analyzing strategic and operational issues

Consulting firms help their clients identify the root causes of problems and develop solutions to improve performance.

Developing and implementing strategic plans

They work with firms to create long-term plans that align with the organization’s goals and resources.

Conducting market research and competitor analysis

Consulting firms gather and analyze data on market trends, customer needs, and competitor activities to help firms understand their industry and make informed decisions.

Providing expert advice and recommendations

Based on their research and analysis, a consulting firm provide clients with expert advice and recommendations on a wide range of issues, such as organizational design, sales and marketing, supply chain management, and more.

Facilitating change management

A consulting firm help firms implement changes and manage the transition to new strategies or processes.

Helping clients to develop new businesses

They also help firms identify new business opportunities, develop business models and launch new ventures.

Overall, the main goal of strategy consulting is to help organizations make better decisions, optimize their operations, and achieve their long-term goals.

It also helps companies with economic consulting and private equity and as a consulting group and in management consulting, helps the consulting industry to bring better work life balance in employees of its client firms.

Top consulting firms typically work across a wide range of industries, but some firms have a particular focus on certain industries.

Some of the key focus industries for management consulting firms and a niche consulting firm include:

Technology and media

Many consulting firms have a strong focus on helping technology and media companies navigate rapid changes in their industries, such as new digital platforms and business models.


Healthcare is another key industry for management consulting firms. These firms help healthcare providers and payers improve the quality of care, reduce costs, and create new business opportunities.

Energy and utilities

Consulting firms with a focus on the energy and utilities sector help clients navigate the complex challenges of this industry, such as deregulation and the transition to renewable energy.

Financial services

Many consulting firms have a strong focus on the financial services industry, providing advice to banks, insurance company, and other financial institutions on issues such as risk management, regulatory compliance, and digital transformation.

Automotive and Manufacturing Industry

With the rapid changes in technology and new business models, consulting firms help a company in the automotive and manufacturing industry to adapt and stay competitive.

Retail and consumer goods

Consulting firms help retailers and consumer goods companies to improve their operations, create new business opportunities, and stay ahead of the changing consumer landscape.

Public sector and government

Consulting firms help government and public sector organizations improve their performance, create new opportunities and address complex challenges.

These are some of the key focus industries for strategy consulting firms, but many firms work across a wide range of industries and have expertise in multiple sectors.

Technology consulting firms provide a wide range of services to help organizations leverage technology to improve their performance. Some of the services provided by technology consulting firms include:

Digital strategy

A technology consulting firm focuses on Helping clients develop and implement digital strategies that align with their overall business goals and objectives.

IT strategy and governance

A technology consulting firm also Assesses an organization’s IT capabilities and recommends improvements to align IT with the business.

Cloud computing

Assessing an organization’s cloud computing needs and recommending solutions to optimize cloud infrastructure and services.


Assessing an organization’s security posture and recommending solutions to improve security, compliance and risk management.

Data management

Providing data management services to help clients leverage data to improve decision-making and gain a competitive advantage.

Infrastructure and system integration

Assessing an organization’s existing technology infrastructure and recommending improvements to align it with the business is a key role of a technology consulting firm.

Business intelligence and analytics

Providing data analytics services to help clients make better decisions and gain insights from data.

Business process optimization

Optimizing business processes using technology and automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Advising clients on how to leverage AI and ML to improve operations, customer service and gain a competitive advantage

Digital Transformation

in 2023, the most sought-after role for a technology consulting firm is helping clients create new business models, revenue streams and customer engagement channels through digital technologies.

Software Development

Developing custom software applications, platforms and integrations to support clients’ digital initiatives

Technology consulting firms work with clients across a wide range of industries, from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations and government organizations. They use their expertise in technology and business to help clients leverage technology to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

How can we help?

You have done your part of finding us and now let us do ours by walking you through the steps on how we can help you. We have created internal review and assessment processes for you to engage with our team and discover potential opportunities.

Let us provide you with a further course of action for your clear understanding.


One step ahead

You are already ahead of the many by choosing RF consulting and allowing us to provide you our expert opinion.


Building your case

We’ll meet with you on a discovery call to see your business problems and provide you with a detailed scope document covering the areas we can help you in.


Achieving your goals

Your success is very close to us, and we will guide you throughout your journey to the end by providing high-quality services and expert opinions. 

Insights in Strategy

Building solutions at the right cost

Rely on our global expertise and years of experience to help you strategize a vision for your business and help it reach great heights. 

Our Case Studies

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Blockchain consulting firm, blockchain technology, blockchain development

Blockchain strategy formulation is an important service because it helps organizations understand the potential benefits and use cases of blockchain technology, and how it can be integrated into their operations to improve efficiency and reduce costs by implementing appropriate blockchain solution.

Without a clear strategy for implementing blockchain, an organization may struggle to identify the most appropriate use cases for the technology and may miss out on potential opportunities for cost savings and process improvements. A well-formulated blockchain strategy can help an organization prioritize which areas of its operations would benefit most from blockchain implementation, and provide a roadmap for how to implement and integrate blockchain solutions into those areas.

Furthermore, a blockchain strategy can also help identify the right technology platforms, partnerships, and resources needed to implement the blockchain solution and ensure that the implementation will align with the overall business objectives.

Overall, a clear and well-formulated blockchain strategy can help organizations fully realize the potential benefits of blockchain technology, and ensure that their implementation efforts are well-targeted and effective.

Blockchain development services, blockchain development, blockchain consulting firms

Some key services that blockchain consulting firms may offer include:

Blockchain strategy development

Helping organizations identify potential use cases for blockchain technology, and developing a strategy for implementing and integrating solutions into their operations. This also includes Tokenomics and a detailed marketing strategy.

Feasibility assessments

Assessing the feasibility of specific blockchain solutions for an organization, and determining the potential benefits and costs associated with implementation.

Implementation and deployment

Providing guidance and support for implementing and deploying blockchain solutions, including selecting appropriate blockchain platforms and technologies.

Blockchain consulting firm, blockchain technology, blockchain ecosystem

Smart contract development

Designing and developing smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into lines of code.

Legal and regulatory compliance

Advising organizations on legal and regulatory compliance requirements associated with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and helping them navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Blockchain training and education

Providing training and education to organizations and their employees on blockchain technology development and its potential uses.

Tokenization and ICO services

Tokenization is the process of creating digital assets or tokens that can be traded on a blockchain network and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin, ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies.

Security services

Helping organizations implement and maintain strong security measures to protect their blockchain systems and assets.

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our professional services Include:

Key Features

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RFC helps clients generate long-term value for all stakeholders. We help clients transform, grow, and operate while fostering trust through assurance with our services and solutions, which are made possible by data and technology.


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