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Business Planning

We are a professional Business Planning and Consulting firm that helps you plan, execute, and grow your business to turn your ideas into reality.

Business Planning & Consulting

Whether you’re launching a new venture or growing an existing business, effective planning is key to success. As consultants, we at Ruskin Felix understand the importance of having a clear roadmap to guide important decisions and maximize opportunities. Proper planning incorporates thorough research, well-defined objectives, realistic timelines and careful consideration of risks and resources.

Our team business planning helped numerous organizations across industries develop comprehensive strategic and operational plans. We start by discussing your unique goals and current situation From there, we conduct market research and analysis of your competition, customers and industry trends We work closely with you to determine critical success factors, core competencies and potential obstacles or weaknesses to address.

Together we define measurable milestones and performance metrics. Budgets, staffing needs and detailed implementation steps are also outlined. Our plans are living documents that evolve as conditions change. We provide ongoing support, monitoring and adjustment to keep you on track your vision.

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Business Planning & Consulting Services

Budgeting & Finance

Safeguard your financial future with our budgeting & finance expertise.

Business Development Strategy

We guide businesses to new opportunities, optimized positioning and growth.

Personnel Management

We offer effective personnel management, which is key to happy employees and successful business.

Business Valuation & Forecasting

Predicting and evaluating your business’s worth and forecasting its successful future.

Digital Transformation Planning

End-to-end digital support to minimize business risk while capitalizing opportunities.

Lean Business Planning

We offer a streamlined Lean Business Planning for resource allocation efficiency and ROI maximization.

Branding and Marketing Strategy

Elevate your brand's image with our tailor-made marketing strategy that guarantees success.


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Client Results

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We teamed up with CASS Pharma, whose ultra-rapid-acting injectable insulin products are changing the way diabetes is treated. We drafted in-depth investor documentation for their products, stressing their salient qualities and describing their potential in the market. We also analyzed the diabetes market and conducted extensive market research to inform their product development decisions and help them avoid potential pitfalls.

Our Value Proposition

Business Planning and Consulting

We work with you to define your long term vision and priorities. RFC helps set measurable goals, identify initiatives to them, and establish timelines to keep progress on track. We ensure strategies are tailored to your unique strengths and opportunities.

Market Research & Analysis

Our planning incorporates in-depth research on customers, competitors, industry shifts and economic conditions. These insights fuel strategic recommendations and mitigate risks down the road. We gather qualitative and quantitative data to reveal actionable patterns.

Financial & Operating Forecasting

RFC builds multi-year forecasts model revenues,, cash flows and more based on your strategies. This arms you with an understanding of required resources and how initiatives impact bottom line results.


Press & Media

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partners with Galaxy Skyverse

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC has become one of the leading blockchain consulting firms. They have worked on complex tokenomics, business models and Web 3.0 Projects. With over 50 projects covered in the last 12 months alone, they are one of the most sought-after firms in Blockchain strategic consulting.

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We engage with ambitious leaders who seek to shape the future rather than run from it. Together, we accomplish remarkable things.


Our team is available 24x7 and usually respond back in less than 3 hours. You can mail us with your requirement at

You can also book a consultation meeting with us through the link given here on the page to discuss your project in detail with our team. This would help us to provide you with a more personalized service offering.

We pride ourselves at having worked with various projects of global scale and have the team and knowledge to take your project to the next level. We also focus heavily on building financial viability into the project other than just creating hype based projects. This has helped us to deliver higher value to our customers over time.

Business planning projects vary in scope but most of our engagements vary between 3-6 months, for thorough research, goal-setting, initiative development and contingency planning.

Funding being a pivotal part for the development of your business. Since we possess relationships with organizations across all markets, including technology, financial services, manufacturing and more. Our experience spans both large corporations to small and medium sized businesses.

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RFC helps clients generate long-term value for all stakeholders. We help clients transform, grow, and operate while fostering trust through assurance with our services and solutions, which are made possible by data and technology.


RFC’s key reports and insights about trending areas of business and enterprise. Understanding the aspects of business, growth, sustainability and efficiency in the rapidly developing world.

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Understanding and highlighting key trends to benchmark and assess global growth potential and global economic prospects for 2023