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Wealth management is specifically designed for those who possess a fortune of money, but wouldn’t it be great if you had a go to guy for managing all your financial affairs and ensuring that you get high ROI all the time. You can achieve your financial goals with Ruskin Felix Consulting because we offer a wide range of related services under one roof.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting, whenever you need assistance with wealth management services, our consulting company can help clients with investment management, financial planning, tax planning and estate planning. We have a team of experts who can provide holistic financial advice tailored to individual clients’ needs and goals.


Different clients will require different approaches to wealth management. To keep and increase your wealth is the primary goal of most people who hire a wealth management service. Wealth management involves integrating a client’s finances into a holistic plan. This might include the client’s tax situation, investments and retirement planning.

We strive to provide comprehensive wealth management solutions. Our Holistic Financial Planning approach is centered on individual client needs. With a range of services from investments, taxes, insurance to estate planning – all aligned with their goals.

Wealth management involves identifying and managing risks that could impact a client’s financial situation. This can include developing strategies to mitigate market risk, credit risk and other types of risk that could impact the client’s investments.

At RFC, we try to maximize gains and minimize losses for our clients, our focus lies on identifying potential risks hinged on market trends or credit issues through dedicated Risk Management stratergies.

Taxation is a crucial aspect of wealth management where effectively managing tax liabilities can go a long way in preserving fortunes. We, at Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, offer expert Tax Planning and Optimization solutions to our clients. This involves developing tailored financial portfolios that minimize tax liabilities and maximizing returns while optimizing estate plans to benefit future generations.

Our services help clients make informed decisions that mitigate their tax burden and secure a bright financial future. Achieving optimal outcomes is possible with our earnest commitment to identify relevant strategies befitting each client’s needs.

As wealth grows, the focus shifts to preserving it for future generations in a manner aligned with the client’s values and goals. At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, our Legacy Planning and Philanthropy Solutions involve developing tailored strategies- befitting estate planning, trust creation or helping propagate philanthropic activities – enabling businesses to secure a lasting legacy.

Our team of experts prioritizes bespoke solutions that reflect clients’ core values while delivering an ideal balance between maximizing opportunities and ensuring their life’s work continues to inspire positivity long after they are gone.


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Client Results

CitiBank RFC Bank

We at RFC consulted Citi Bank on wealth management wherein we worked with high-net-worth individuals to create a personalized investment strategy in managing their assets. Citi Bank’s mission is to serve clients by providing financial services, enabling growth and economic progress. We helped them in financial planning, investment management, tax planning, estate planning.


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