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Every department- including sales, merchandising and development- rely on content and its marketing to fulfill their goals. However astonishingly, 42% of companies don’t have the technology they need to handle managing their content. CM involves governance and overall management of digital content starting from its creation till permanent storage or deletion. This includes multimedia as well as text, images, video and audio.

That’s where we come into play by providing Content Management Systems (CMS) which will help you implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy that intertwines with your commerce strategy. With our CMS solutions in place, you can consistently add fresh updated content without worrying about disrupting your website’s flow.


Content Marketing is no longer just a “nice to have” on the side for businesses anymore. It has become one of the main ways companies engage with their customers. Every department- including sales, merchandising, and development- rely on content to fulfill their goals.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we understand that Content Marketing and content management can look different for every organization. There are various practices and processes involved, and terminology may differ.

Workflow design comes next in the process; this step ensures that content moves through various roles while maintaining consistency with the organizations’ policies. Editing/versioning follows next to manage multiple content versions and presentation changes.

Publishing could occur externally or internally using intranet publishing where applicable for employees creating more synergies within departments. At RFC, we help ideate the best design policies which can attract many potential customer to visit your website.

Most attention is given to storing finished goods inventory with considerations given to format and accessibility. Factors include selecting the right mechanisms for efficient transportation, decisions concerning storage space limitations along with security protocols in place – weighing against other organizational factors like cost constraints or distribution functions.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we understand that evaluating these key areas is paramount – to ensure robust logistics infrastructure that enables your company to deliver and meet customer satisfaction goals. Trust us when we say – this step cannot be taken lightly as it has considerable trickle-down effects across the supply chain network

We can assist you with developing custom-tailored CMS solutions that cater to all of your needs while helping drive more traffic and increase revenue unimaginably faster. Without doubt having an efficient CMS is imperative when managing your business’ online presence.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to tailor a content management system focused on your needs successfully. After all is said and done- having a competent CMS means optimized workflows which allows business owners to focus on their sales objectives without worrying about technical upkeep.


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Gaming RFC Galaxy Skyverse

We at RFC consulted Galaxy Skyverse in content marketing to attract and engage audience by creating and sharing relevant posts, articles and other media. Galaxy Skyverse is a metaverse project consisting of NFT collections and in-game purchases. We helped them in creating deliverables such as social media posts, Video content, whitepaper, Infographics.


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