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We know every business is different, facing various issues related with their own goals and challenges. That’s why RFC takes a personalized approach and work closely with you to develop an SEO plan that really fits your needs. Our solutions are designed to show real results and increase your website’s engagement.

One of our specialties is keyword research. We dig deep into your industry to find the important words that people are using in their queries to search for products or services. By targeting those keywords strategically, we will get your website seen by the right people at the right time. Thus ensuring that your website is SEO compliant.

But it’s not just about keywords – we also make sure your site is easy for search engines to understand. We optimize the content like meta tags and headings so that multiple search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, etc., can easily find your website thus making it rank higher. The content we create for the website is always in accordance with the SEO friendly tactics.

We also use SEO strategies like smart link building to boost your site’s credibility. Connecting with reputable sources helps your website rank higher and stand out from your competitors.


We will thoroughly inspect your website to find any issues poses that prevents you from ranking higher. Issues like slow loading times, broken links – RFC will identify them and help you fix them up. These audits help gain the company crucial insights into improving their SEO and help create an engaging community.

If you are a local or a small business, which is operating in a smaller sector, implementing SEO strategies becomes elemental to your success. The strategies applied by RFC will make sure customers near you can find your business easily. We optimize your listing details and get your location tagged on relevant pages.

Great blogs, articles and videos are key to attracting loyal readers. We will craft engaging multimedia content tailored to your audience and promote it across social channels. RFC also modifies the content based on various services that your companies provides. This ultimately leads to make your website more SEO friendly.

Data is important for tracking progress and understanding which areas lack SEO. RFC will set up analytics to monitor key metrics and provide monthly reports on improvements. Focusing on analytics will help the company make timely improvement. This way you can really see our work paying off.


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Alcoret, which is our incubator program is designed for a space exploratory gaming experience for all its customers. Ensuring that various elements of Alcoret are SEO compliant by creating the right content, buzz, having constant modifications and upgradations, etc. helps us to stay updated in the current market.


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