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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Wetra to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the project overview, background, opportunity, challenges and competitive analysis. The report details the solutions with respect to the channels marketplace, trade display, feedback and rating, exchange interoperability, fiat connectivity, stop-loss protection, expert portal, rewards and incentives. The report also emphasizes on the token topology which comprises of the subscription fees, token discounting, and trading fees. The report provides details of the business model, marketing and technology which is important to understand the scale of operations of the project. 

The Wetra platform provides users the ability to enjoy cryptocurrency trading based on following experts according to the expert portfolios and tips. Experts set up channels and users subscribe to the signals that allow them to trade and benefit from the knowledge of these experts. Unlike other trading platforms, the users don’t need to learn about each cryptocurrency and make their own assessments — rather they can simply trade according to the signals of the experts to get similar results. Unlike crypto index funds or algorithmic trading, the Wetra platform provides a variety of assets. Users can subscribe to multiple channels for different portfolio allocations.

The Wetra is a non-custodial platform, which means that Wetra does not hold any user funds on the platform. The traders and participants use their already existing wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges through an API connectivity that allows the Wetra platform to connect between the channel signals and the existing portfolios of the participants on the platform. This also eliminates all custodial risk from Wetra because the platform doesn’t operate as an exchange itself. Platform users get to continue with the wallets they already have, and use decentralized as well as centralized exchanges.

Wetra allows users to stay with the exchanges and wallets that the users already hold. Wetra does not carry any custodial risk, because all trades are implemented through the users’ accounts on the centralized and decentralized exchanges that they already use. Users maintain full control of their cryptocurrency assets and wallets, and simply pay monthly subscriptions for the channels they choose. The channels broadcast signals to the Wetra users, allowing them to manually or automatically execute trades that copycat the experts they follow. Wetra recruits top crypto experts to the platform by providing them an easy and direct way to create extra income. Experts receive 80% of the subscription fees, without any need for additional advertising, promotion, or creation of online products and courses. The best traders receive additional monthly rewards for their performance.

WTRA shall only be made available for purchase through its token sale or on the secondary exchange market. Wetra will create 500,000,000 (500 million) total WTRA.

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