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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with – Pakistan’s No. 1 travel app, to create an investor pitch deck highlighting the overview, and working of the business, B2B benefits of the company, B2C benefits, and the functioning of the website. The website’s features, authentication, services, partners, and financial viability. – ticketing platform, Pakistan’s No. 1 E-ticketing Platform:

  • Leading choice for Travel Operators and Passengers alike.
  • Digitizing bus companies and offering exclusive fares for our users along with multiple digital payment options.
  • Services ranging from bus travel, airline, hotel booking, cargo services, and event ticketing.
  • User-friendly app, multiple API integrations.
  • Exceptional customer service.’s vision is to become the biggest digitizer of the Pakistan Ticketing and Booking Industry. Their unique selling proposition is their Pricing Policy, which is extremely discount-driven, which will help them build a dominant market share in the travel and tourism Industry.’s business verticals includes various services such as Travel, Tourism, Entertainment, Car Pooling and Logistics. 

Their service ranges from Bus ticketing to Blockchain services. Some of’s prominent service offerings include:

  • Bus Ticketing – Biggest Network of Buses for E-ticketing as a Platform.
  • Airline Ticketing – Network with All Airlines for Online Booking & Ticketing.
  • Cinema Booking – E-tickets available for all major theatres and shows across Pakistan.
  • Hotel Booking – Bookings, and vacations available for a network of Hotels & Resorts.
  • Blockchain & AI Development – Blockchain Driven Platform for API Integration to Manage Data as Resource.
  • Events & Experiences Management – Ticketing for Events & Experiences for Entertainment and Leisure.

In 2020,’s successfully closed a pre-series A round of a half a million USD with Lakson Venture Capital (Lakson VC). Lakson Group is one of Pakistan’s leading business conglomerates. Established in 1954 the group manages industry leaders in the following sectors: agri-business, call centers, consumer non-durables, fast food, financial services, media print, technology, and travel. 

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