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At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, our team strives to provide superior advisory services that propel clients towards exponential growth and success. We leverage our expertise in critical areas such as industry trends and consumer behavior analysis to give the best recommendations to our clients. One of the key components we heavily emphasize is performing comprehensive competitor analysis.

By taking an in-depth look at competitors within your market, you will understand your strengths and weaknesses in comparison and allow you to continuously stay ahead of the game! In business, it’s essential always to have one eye on the competition so that organizations can anticipate their opponents’ next move better. At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC we help arm our clients with a strategic competitive edge by providing valuable insights into their market players, emerging trends, customer journeys and wherever necessary.


There’s nothing more time-consuming than launching a product or service without knowing enough about the industry or the target market it hopes to serve. This is where we come in as experts in providing valuable insights into your industry and discovering your target market.

Our seasoned professionals can assist your business’s goal towards identifying critical market insights by conducting thorough and comprehensive analysis to determine the potential size of your target market. We employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques to gather industry data that will be the foundation for shaping strategies and informed decisions for your marketing campaigns.

Whether your focus will be on a particular sector or a range of sectors, it is essential to identify with clarity what are types of businesses you’ll work with and regions where you can offer top-notch quality services.

It is essential always to stay ahead of the competition by understanding emerging up-to-date industry trends & developments – our diligent team can help piecemeal insights around present shifts under various segments, ranging from consumer behavior changes to latest product launches across multiple regions.


After an extensive process covering everything from setting parameters, defining targets, moving on to collecting qualitative/quantitative data sets then finally analyzing them properly towards deriving conclusive insights/recommendations. It’s time for reports to be produced or briefs explaining our findings that clearly highlight opportunities and actionable next steps.

Knowing how your business stacks up against competitors in a constantly evolving environment is invaluable! Our experts at Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, create custom canvases outlining competition battling it out in similar industries; helping you capitalize on their weaknesses while crafting unique selling propositions highlighting USPs.

Optimizing marketing strategies based on actionable intelligence is key to its effectiveness. We can help companies identify which channels perform best with consumers while refining your messaging styles through our team’s collective expertise. With our strategized insights into campaign oversight – reaching target audiences becomes an easier task. 

Offering industry and market sizing services to businesses is a crucial service that can make all the difference when it comes to launching new products or services. As a consulting firm, Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC understands how vital it is for our clients to get an in-depth knowledge of their industry and target audience.


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