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Competitor analysis is all about assessing what your competitors are up to so that you can either emulate their successes or identify weaknesses in their approach that could give your client an upper hand. It’s important not to get bogged down with maintaining status quo based on historical trends as markets rapidly evolve which requires rethinking revenue streams, risk management practices and other key tactical decisions.

As consultants at Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we dive deep into our clients’ industries, analyze trends in everything related from customer preferences and motivations to business models and technology adoption strategies of rival firms. We even get down to analyzing the way they promote themselves across different mediums.


Undertaking extensive research, specifically when it comes to competitor analysis, is paramount for any successful business. By engaging in a thorough and comprehensive exploration of your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, values, and strategy, you can gain valuable insights into the market landscape that will position your company for success.

Experts at RFC, hone our research skills to identify competitors for our clients who aren’t flagged yet. We make use of both primary research methods like surveys and secondary sources like analyst reports and trade publications, to bring forth the best strategy to move forward.

Completing an exhaustive research process, specifically with regards to SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, is essential for firms seeking to remain competitive and thrive in today’s fast-paced marketplace. 

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we understand how imperative it is to perform in-depth analysis featuring existing policies alongside those proposed by the competition. In today’s ever-evolving business environment, incorporating SWOT analysis into strategic planning has become increasingly vital for organizational success.

With all that research done- identify key success factors that can help propel your clients towards maximum competition crushing ability- highlighting their unique selling propositions as well as areas where they can distinguish themselves from other players in their industry. Keep in mind that presentation is also key and RFC understand that.

We have the tools and acumen which contains all presentation materials summarizing all these findings complete with recommendations for each client on how they should adjust their approach based on what was discovered.

Finally keep your services clicking along by continuously improving the process over time based on feedback collected from clients who have used these awesome services. At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we incorporate all these terminologies and offer an off-the-hook competitor analysis service that provides tangible value for any company.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we believe that to stay ahead of the game, businesses must be proactive in their approach towards competitor analysis. By investing in this service and acting on recommendations, companies can make strategic decisions that have a direct impact on their competitive edge.


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