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Digital marketing refers to any form of marketing that occurs online using mobile phones, laptops or the internet in general. And not just that, it also involves the use of technology not connected to the internet like digital signage. From automated email marketing initiatives to blog content choices on your website, it covers a wide range of activities.

The concept of combining traditional and digital marketing techniques has gained immense popularity over time as it helps companies better understand consumer behavior patterns. However, despite its numerous benefits, digital marketing poses its own set of challenges including implicit bias–which is where RFC steps in for providing the best in class services towards digitization.


Nonlinear marketing strategies adapt advertisements to specific platforms and tailor the message to reach out uniquely personalized, individual buyers rather than homogenized pools of various audiences. This encompasses a more in-depth knowledge of analyzing customers’ data concerning age, gender, shopping preferences along with other interests they can relate to thereby delivering better-targeted messages that enhance purchasing decisions.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, our clients’ personalization approach is always top priority on our list- by leveraging artificial intelligence creating custom made experience for each customer enables them authentic connections while increasing the likelihood of conversions highly influenced by market segmentation.

Tactics like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, blogging & affiliate marketing, website marketing, paid search/contextual advertising & search engine marketing have become increasingly popular as they cater to the ever-changing consumer behavior patterns.

Businesses often rely on individuals portraying their products positively on social media and may adapt their strategies accordingly. This not only generates positive comments but also significantly decreases overall costs associated with advertising

In today’s extremely competitive world, traditional one-way messaging is no longer sufficient to woo in potential customers. With the onset of nonlinear digital marketing strategies, reaching out across multiple online channels has become much more achievable for businesses! This innovative strategy employs collecting information about an individual’s online activities and displaying relevant advertisements anywhere they are present or on a device they have been associated with previously – increasing engagement rates exponentially.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we keep up-to-date with the latest trends to create an omnichannel experience significantly building remarkable relationships between brands & customers while our clients can scale their business quickly as their audiences grow.

We at Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC specialize in tackling such challenges head-on while delivering top-notch digital solutions for your business needs. Our experts have their pulse on every aspect of digital media from social media algorithms to SEO practices ensuring maximum returns on your investments. Our professionals are enthusiastic about taking on unique challenges while delivering practical and long-lasting solutions for businesses seeking market excellence.

In today’s dynamic and complex business landscape, aligning your marketing strategies to effectively reach your target audience while being responsive to subtle changes in the market requires the assistance of reliable consulting firms. More than just promising satisfaction, our services deliver exceptional ROI by leveraging digital media tools that cater directly towards customers’ purchasing behavior; we help take charge in this ever-evolving market space. 


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NFTS Blockchain Metaverse

We at RFC consulted SolGods in digital marketing by promoting their brand to connect with potential customers using different online channels. Sol Gods NFT collection is a set of NFTs to build a strong community that holds, earns and grows through the engagement and development done on the NFTs and its platform. We helped them in SEO, SMM and multi-dimensional social presence approach


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