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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with SolGods to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the SolGods platform, concept and the project summary. The report shed light on the project plan by laying emphasis on the NFT staking, Lottery system, Faction war and building bases. The report about SolGods talks about the tokenomics and business model by providing details of the sources of revenue, coin distribution plan and the roadmap for the project. The report provides details of the core platform modules which comprise of the integrated P2E platform, inter-connected NFT collections and the NFT marketplace. 

The SolGods NFT collection is a set of NFTs that have been launched in the market to build a strong community that holds, earns, and grows through the engagement and development done on the NFTs and its Platform. The company will look to also create an exclusive NFT marketplace for itself, which will enable users to transact with the other unitholders and community for buying and selling transactions. The company also plans to launch 2 further collections, ensuring adequate flow and hype to sustain further community engagement on the Platform. The collections that have been launched are as follows:

  • SolGods
  • Fractures

Gods and Fractures can be sent to ‘meditate’ (In effect – Stake). They can be sent for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. The more extended periods are incentivized by yielding a higher staking return rate. All Pay-outs will be made weekly – for 7 days.

There will be a lottery available to all NFT holders in SolGods every week twice. All token holders will be able to buy a ticket in the same by utilizing $GOD tokens. The lottery winners will have the opportunity to earn NFTs from the other Launched collections (Bridged & Forgotten). This lottery will be conducted twice every week. The price for the ticket will be 100 $GOD token. SolGods will also continue to add further value additions in the lottery. Gods and Fractures go into ‘Meditation’ to earn the gaming token, $GOD. Users can pay $GOD to send Bridged on quests. Bridged will return after 5 days (25%). In return, The Bridged will have a bounty of gathered items. 

Some of the key sources of revenue for this project are as follows:

  • Digital Assets Sale of SolGods – NFTs: The digital assets sale of all the NFT collections will be the initial form of revenue for the company. This will also include the overall fee being expended to develop these NFTs through missions and quests on the Platform.
  • NFT Minting Fee of SolGods: NFT assets can also be created by developing and minting NFTs. To mint these NFTs, the owners would need to expend a particular value of tokens. This will be referred to as the NFT minting fee for assets.
  • Transaction Revenue of SolGods – NFT Marketplace: All transactions through the NFT marketplace will be charged with a set fee of 3% a transaction fee. This value will then be put back into circulation through the liquidity pool or taken out of the overall token supply.

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