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By the next decade, how might continued innovation shape this vital industry?

Growth Takes Flight

Our analysis shows the global aviation market approaching $9 trillion annually by 2030 as new frontiers in space, cargo and tourism emerge. Sustainability and connectivity are driving demand.

Supersonic and hypersonic passenger travel move from prototype to reality, with cutting-edge fleets slashing intercontinental flight times.

Variances in the way

While technological progress enhances safety and experiences, challenges will emerge. However, with the right expertise, obstacles present opportunities:

  • Reskilling Workforces: New competencies are required across complex manufacturing and logistics ecosystems.
  • Regulation Realities: Evolving standards around emissions, traffic management and new aircraft/spacecraft certification add complexity.
  • Infrastructure Investment: Coordinated strategies are needed to modernize airports and air traffic control systems supporting next-gen aviation.

Profitability in the Clouds

Taking reasonable risks to advance sectors will yield higher returns than losses. When rules are made easier to understand, possibilities present themselves. Increases in training and education help countries become more competitive on the international stage. Everyone gains from the enhancements to air travel made possible by modern technology.


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