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Comprehensive B-Plan & Strategy Report- 305 Aero Supplies

Aerospace Supplies Government Agency Avaiation

305 Aero Supplies partnered with Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC where in RFC consulted them to be prepared on how to position them in the current landscape of the US markets. They are a small and growing business providing all sorts of solutions for engineering and IT projects, especially when it comes to aviation and electronics systems. Basically, 305 Aero Supplies offer products and services to help out the US defense industry – things like aircraft maintenance support, communications system support and project management.

305 Aero Supplies catered primarily to government agencies working in aerospace and defence industries which included the U.S. Department of Defence (DoD), U.S. Air Force (USAF), U.S. Navy (USN), U.S. Army (USA), and other federal agencies. RFC formulated their business model and strategy tailored to cater the needs of these agencies in form of sub-contracting agencies for tenders released by them. 305 Aero Supplies came under the special category of being a Service-Disabled & Veteran Owned Small Business which allowed them greater access to government contracts and tenders.

Leveraging the special status that 305 Aero Supplies holds we gave measures to optimize financing and tender opportunities through SBA (small business administration) programs. Through diligent market research and capability building mechanisms which will lead them to sustain their operations while being in competition with local players who operate in similar jurisdiction.

RFC recognized the unique expertise of 305 Aero Supplies in delivering highly complex services like aircraft services support, communication systems support services, electronic systems support services, field service representative (FSR) support, logistics support services, procurement services, project management, and quality assurance support to federal agencies and departments. We formulated the business strategy to build upon their expertise to cater the commercial sector with an objective to diversify and expand their customer base such that they do not become dependent on a restricted source of revenue.     

To initiate the expansion into the corporate sector and B2C opportunities, we designed an effective marketing strategy with an optimized sale funnel to generate leads, conversion and their retention. As a small and growing enterprise, developing strong connections in the B2B space is super important for 305 Aero Supplies. RFC helped in creating valuable strategies which led to upscale their functionability in the domain they wanted to cater in. RFC also helped them understand key account management strategies for longer retention policies which helped 305 aerospace focus on and establish important partnerships.

In conclusion, 305 Aero Supplies is an ideal partner for the aerospace and defence industries because to our extensive background in avionics and electronics and our many relevant certifications. Furthermore, as they expand, they will be able to take on increasingly difficult tasks.

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