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Comprehensive Valuation Report- ITALITY

Cannabis ITALITY Rastafari CBD oils

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with ITALITY for preparing a detailed valuation report for their distribution and dispensary set-up. ITALITYs’ main objective is to bring together style, sustainability and ethics all in one – it’s not just about selling products but representing a whole lifestyle and culture. They’ve got clothing and accessories that look great but are also earth friendly. And of course, their cannabis offerings, from flowers to pre-rolls to extracts, really embody the Rastafari spirit of respecting the earth and community.

Having a clothing and cannabis division is a clever hybrid business plan, as it provides two distinct sources of income. By establishing a connect with customers at events through their website and retail outlets, they have created a dedicated following. When it comes to consumers, we believe their value offer hits a chord with those who seek ethical consumption options. More and more consumers are looking for businesses like ITALITY that put emphasis on environmental responsibility, social relevance and creative freedom.

In recent times, cannabis is really taking off as a medical option for all sorts of conditions. It’s been interesting to see over the past few years how interest and demand have grown – people are a lot more open to trying it for pain, epilepsy, PTSD and more. By taking this into account, we understand why cannabis can be used as a medical boon in treating these conditions. Hence. ITALITY can capitalize on the same.

There are also many more varieties of medical cannabis available now than there were even a decade ago. While dried flower hasn’t lost its appeal, the availability of oils, edibles, and lotions has expanded consumers’ options for dose and administration. Rapid-acting inhalers are also available. The industry, in which ITALITY is treading into, is growing exponentially as medical marijuana is legalised in more states. Globally, it was over $6.8 billion last year, which is enormous, but projections show that it might rise to more than $53 billion by 2030.

The rate of growth in recreational use is also rapid. However, I anticipate that medical advances will continue to outpace them. Patients are looking for options, and physicians are more open to recommending cannabis. So, if things keep going the way they have been going, the medicinal cannabis industry could explode in the next 7–8 years as acceptance increases.

In terms of market potential, the legal cannabis and eco-fashion industries have been booming the last few years as awareness grows. As more places legalize cannabis and customers look for sustainable options. RFC thinks ITALITY is perfectly positioned to keep expanding. They’ve also got a great variety of products to appeal to different tastes.

So, in summary, while staying true to their culture and values, ITALITY has really built a distinctive brand that a lot of consumers can get behind. With their diverse business model and focus on community, we believe that this edge gives them strong competitive advantages too.

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