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In any organization, strategic risk management plays a vital role in enhancing the overall decision-making process. Strategic Risk Advisory​’s work is to safeguard the company against potential threats or opportunities that stem from an organization’s changing business environment such as unforeseen competition, technology shifts and market changes amidst unpredictable macroeconomic environmental fluctuations. By identifying these risks and potential catalysts for them, companies can make informed decisions that boost their competitive advantage.

Our team of skilled professionals work closely with each client to fully understand their business strategy and objectives. Our services include everything from risk assessments to scenario planning, strategy development and ongoing monitoring.


Strategic Risk Advisory​ and Management is all about recognizing uncertainty around opportunities and threats to build a comprehensive strategic mitigation plan tailored toward eliminating gaps arising from internal & external uncertainties —besides formulating measures capable of providing clear visibility thereby allowing the executive layer of firms to take tangible steps which are aligned with key performance indicators.

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC offers top-notch strategic risk advisory services customized specifically for your organization’s needs. And together with our personalized touch of authentic care for our clients, rest assured that you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

Strategic risks can either provide an opportunity or threat when it comes down to businesses. A comprehensive risk-management program helps by identifying different kinds of risk types intertwined with managing assets/liabilities alongside providing tailormade contingencies suited to individual needs within ever-changing economical climate.

Our team can help you drive efficiency with expert Strategic Risk Advisory ​and Management solutions, providing insights and guidance that help you optimize your resources and achieve your goals.

Robust mitigation measures are required in order to tackle strategic risks successfully. This involves establishing corporate governance protocols (incorporating ethical norms) amongst; organizational transformation and adaptability awareness strategies amongst workforce promoting flexibility accompanied by seeding innovation whenever necessary which in turn catapult growth.

At RFC, we adopt modern data analytics systems which eliminates antiquated practices while allowing AI generated insights to get optimized results which are made available through cooperation across regions as well industry networks. This in turn help us improve our strategic risk advisory services.

Our strategic-risk-advisory consultants provide help in developing proactive strategies that address specific business goals efficiently while minimizing operational complexity along with ensuring sustainable operations via keeping projects on track avoiding any project delays whatsoever besides showcasing the company’s strengths/upside potential towards stakeholders thereby creating positive brand awareness.

With our help at Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, you can take a more proactive approach to identifying and mitigating strategic risks. Our team of experienced consultants bring deep expertise over many industry domains offering critical assessments while creating agile strategic plans.


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Client Results

Augmented Reality RFC Metaverse

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of MicroVision’s intellectual property, technology, and strategic partnerships. We identified potential risks, recommended risk advisory strategies and optimized their business model for long-term success in augmented reality products.


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