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RFC Blockchain

We are an End-to-End Blockchain development company and consulting firm providing blockchain solutions and blockchain project Execution.

Blockchain & Web3 Consulting

We use blockchain technology to harness the blockchain ecosystem and provide Strategic Planning, development services, smart contracts development, and blockchain app development.

Our innovative blockchain solutions leverage blockchain technology and development services to solve real-world issues by designing business processes with an appropriate blockchain protocol. As a blockchain consulting company, we at RFC provide comprehensive services through our specialized team of blockchain consultants. We bring business value by enhancing strategic capabilities through software solutions.

Our customized solutions help any global company to create a digital economy using emerging technology and distributed ledger on the suitable blockchain protocol. Our global network helps us provide blockchain services and valuable insights, building blocks for sustainable growth on the blockchain. Our development team has vast expertise in the IT industry. They have worked with clients worldwide and truly believe the blockchain potential.

We, thus, incorporate blockchain to create new business operations and help in blockchain commercialization through effective blockchain implementation.

Blockchain Services

Blockchain Development

We help develop blockchain solutions and support end-to-end management for your Web 3.0 project.

Blockchain Security

Ensuring project security and data integrity from external hacks or design flaws for blockchain projects.

Decentralized Finance – DeFi

Designing DeFi Solutions using advanced DAO models and Finance solutions.

Game Development

Your One-stop for the design and development of complete Web 3.0 gaming projects.

Metaverse Consulting

Ensuring you have the best infrastructure and consulting services for your metaverse development project.

NFT and Digital Assets

Integrating Digital Assetization with real-world utility to create digital assets for your projects.

Tokenization & Cryptocurrecy

Development of Utility and digital tokens to support blockchain projects with highly secure infrastructure

100% Customizable Blockchain Solution

End-to-end execution of blockchain projects with our expert team to bring your project to the market.


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Client Results

Designing, Creating and strategising a blockchain with a seperate proofing mechanism was done by our team for the project. We helped the management team prepare the technical documentation project as well as create comprehensive node management functionality for reducing transaction latency.

Our Value Proposition

Project Design, Strategy and Tokenomics

Designing the project dynamics, Strategy, and viability with market research, and creating complete strategy documentation with Tokenomics design. We focus on blockchain development services and as a reputable blockchain consulting firm work towards creating projects with high degree of blockchain innovation.

Tech Development and Smart Contract Execution

Our consulting services include blockchain development of the Platform, blockchain proof, Technical Undertaking for Digital contracts, Design Smart contracts and Audit of the blockchain based solution. Designing UI/UX for platforms and Native App Development with Web3 Integration.

Investor Documentation & Fund Raising

At RFC, our blockchain consultants understand the importance of the Creation of all investor documentation including Strategic Papers, Bots, investor Decks and Memorandums and Whitepapers with the development company and client.Our blockchain consultancy provides guidance in raising capital through SAFEs, Convertible debt and Equity.


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The Impact of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain’s impact on consulting: smart contracts, document timestamps, and payment processing can be automated with existing blockchain infrastructure, eliminating intermediaries in financial services.

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Press & Media

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partners with Galaxy Skyverse

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC has become one of the leading blockchain consulting firms. They have worked on complex tokenomics, business models and Web 3.0 Projects. With over 50 projects covered in the last 12 months alone, they are one of the most sought-after firms in Blockchain strategic consulting.

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We engage with ambitious leaders who seek to shape the future rather than run from it. Together, we accomplish remarkable things.


Our team is available 24x7 and usually respond back in less than 3 hours. You can mail us with your requirement at

You can also book a consultation meeting with us through the link given here on the page to discuss your project in detail with our team. This would help us to provide you with a more personalized service offering.

We pride ourselves at having worked with various projects of global scale and have the team and knowledge to take your project to the next level. We also focus heavily on building financial viability into the project other than just creating hype based projects. This has helped us to deliver higher value to our customers over time.

We believe in end-to-end execution for your blockchain software and project. For projects where we are needed post the initial phase, we also come on board as strategic partners, fundraising partners and, on the board/ team as COO, CFO or CTO, depending on the requirements.

We would like to discuss this with your team before, during or after project execution and cater to your specific business needs.

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