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Project – Prometeo Blockchain

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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Prometeo chain system to prepare a whitepaper which highlights the Prometeo and its ecosystem. The report also shed light on the market issues, overview and market analysis, marketing strategy and the PROM and ecosystem tokens. The report details the overall coin distribution and the tourism and logistics of the project. The report explains the financial services and the use of an alternative time certification system. The report explains the development strategy and roadmap along with a comparison of Prometeo with existing platforms. To understand the viability of the project, the report mentions the regulatory, technological, financial and industry risks involved. 

The purpose creation of Prometeo is to create a technological environment, Prometeo it’s also looking at the environmental sphere thanks to its innovative Proof of Unity consensus gear, reducing waste in terms of hardware, raw materials and energy. As we have seen recently the environmental impact interest due to a growing attention from the regulators to reduce used energy in the blockchain mining, (some countries are planning to reduce the power supply to mining farms and discourage the creation of new ones).

Today, the world of blockchain is increasingly present within people’s lives. We have blockchains in business, in medical, health, insurance, banking, finance, and gaming. However, blockchains are still distant from our daily life. In many instances, the common user’s idea is that blockchain is just a tool for financial speculation to send electronic transactions. Prometeo Chain System mission is to change this paradigm and indeed bring blockchain and its infinite applications in real life. 

The covid pandemic has not stopped the blockchain. On the contrary, the market has matured. The research of the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory in 2020, has detected indeed a slowdown, but this slowdown is mostly due to the phenomenon of new projects being announced to be dropped (almost 80%), despite the implementation of concrete projects that has instead recorded a growth of 59%.

The project set to be launched in 2022-23 with its own integrated blockchain offerings.

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