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Dirty Secret Cats

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with the Dirty Secret Cats and prepared a whitepaper highlighting details of the DSC gaming platform. The report sheds light on the characters, features & Attributes, rarity, and the gameplay & design of the game. The report emphasizes on the concept, marketplace, membership club, DSC token, business model and the tokenomics. To understand the viability of Dirty Secret Cats, the report mentions a detailed launch plan and DSC roadmap.  

The year is 2140 and the end of the world is here. Bitcoin has been fully mined and the humans have fully migrated to Mars. What’s left on Earth are the ruins of cities and the street cats who have begun to plan a war to control the 7 cities of the world. Some humans had predicted this and had planned for an NFT-based possession plan for these street cats. Each race has its own powers, and each NFT has its own attributes and strengths. The key to winning is the control of the 7 cities. This is the overall idea of Dirty Secret Cats.

The NFT Collection is staged in a post-apocalyptic world where the human civilization has moved to Mars and has entirely left earth. The stray cats left behind have now taken up arms and are now fighting for control over the earth. The collection will have an Initial set of 9999 cats. The focus of the NFT collection will also be to create a gaming community that will enhance the level of engagement of the NFT holders. The first stage of Dirty Secret Cats involves the launch of the primary NFT collection – Dirty Street Cats.

Dirty Secret Cats will be backed by the Dirty Street Cats NFT Collection and will have its minting fee and transactional fee as sources of revenue in addition to the in-game revenue post the launch of the game. 

Digital Assets Sale – NFTs – The digital assets sale of all the NFT collections will be the initial form of revenue for Dirty Secret Cats. This will involve the Primary collections – Dirty Street Cats as well as the Secondary assets – Weapons, Skins, Powers etc.

NFT Minting Fee – NFT assets can also be created by developing and minting NFTs of Dirty Secret Cats. To mint these NFTs, the owners would need to expend a particular value of tokens that they earn through the gameplay. This will be referred to as the NFT minting fee for assets and upgrading fee for secondary assets.

Transaction Revenue – NFT Marketplace – All transactions through the DSC NFT marketplace (to be launched in Phase 2) will be charged with a set fee of 3% the transaction fee for Dirty Secret Cats. This value will then be put back into circulation through the liquidity pool or taken out of the overall token supply to manage the overall supply.

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