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To formulate the best and effective business strategy projecting exponential growth, you need to have immense data. This is where Market Intelligence (MI) comes into picture and RFC will provide aid in doing so. It involves learning about the habits of consumers, analyzing popular trends and managing investments.

Analysts might learn about the market through studying data, searching the web, or consulting with experts in the subject. Businesses with access to this information may be better prepared to foresee and respond to changes in their respective industries.


A vital subject towards making your brand better is to monitor changes which are happening around you. This might seem mundane but actively practicing understanding its significance will steer you clear off unnecessary perilous routes.

With Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we help our clients to integrate these data-driven approaches into decision making process which ultimately enables them to reach out to growth and profitability. 

Some people use BI and MI interchangeably but they are not the same thing. While market intelligence is all about understanding your industry and competitors, business intelligence is focused on internal aspects of your organization like financial data, sales figures, customer demographics and more.

We understand that business intelligence and market intelligence work on the same principle but they’re not the same. At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, our experts understand this difference and provide valuable insights so that your organization reaches its full potential.

It’s important to remember that MI cannot work without BI. Typically, when we receive an inquiry from businesses who have been struggling in their operations; we’ve noted that they always pay attention to either one and neglecting/diminishing tasks based on information analysis from other departments like marketing, human resources or finance.

Our experts have understood that by combining them, we can help your organization identify areas that need improvement such as- tactics applied during lead generation/initiation, cost saving measures could be implemented while still providing high-quality services/products, etc., and profoundly help build your image.

Market intelligence plays a significant role as it helps companies make more informed decisions about their strategies moving forward. Without access to data on trends in the marketplace, changes in consumer behavior patterns or competitor movements, your company can be left behind and lose the lead. 

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we try to strive until we’re perfect. Our expert consultants have in-depth knowledge and understand the importance of market intelligence. As experts in the field, we know firsthand that having a deep understanding of your industry and its competitors is crucial for success.


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RFC helped assess the market conditions, what the overlying norms are and how the preferences are shifted to healthier drinks and beverages, post the COVID-19 impact. This is to showcase how old inclinations are shifted to opt for something new after the consequential happenings of COVID-19


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