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In today’s digital age, cybersecurity threats loom on individuals and organizations alike. Cybersecurity risks refer to the possibility of harm or damage arising from a breach or unauthorized access to an organization’s data, networks, or systems. As technology evolves, so do cybercriminals. Therefore individuals and enterprises need to be well-equipped with knowledge about cybersecurity risks and take effective measures to mitigate them.

Our experts at Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC specialize in providing full-scale cyber security risk assessments for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We take proactive measures to dive deep into your network and identify potential vulnerabilities that may become targeted by cybercriminals. With our thorough assessments and meticulous attention to detail, we can prevent potential security breaches and provide greater peace of mind for you and your business.


The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges for businesses and individuals worldwide. Threat actors require little expertise to launch attacks as they exploit known vulnerabilities in software and hardware systems. A recent report estimated that cybercrime damages are projected to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2022. This significant figure highlights the dire need for stringent cybersecurity measures across all sectors.

Our team can help you mitigate cyber security risk with expert solutions. We can help you identify potential vulnerabilities, develop effective risk management strategies and ensure that your organization is protected from cyber threats.

Cybersecurity threats come in different forms such as Phishing Scams, Malware Attacks, Ransomware Attacks which are often perpetrated through emails disguised as legitimate entities seeking confidential information such as login credentials or payment details. Social engineering attacks have also become prevalent in recent times. Employees can also pose a risk when they aren’t aware of basic security protocols such as using weak passwords or clicking on suspicious links.

Our team can help you drive efficiency with expert risk management solutions, providing insights and guidance that help you optimize your resources and achieve your goals.

Organizations should implement proper security measures that cater specifically to their needs such as relevant encryption methods and firewalls for added privacy and safety of sensitive data etc., regular backups couched within a robust disaster recovery plan can help minimize downtime when an attack happens while ensuring business continuity.

At RFC, we can help you optimize your cyber security performance with expert risk assessment solutions, providing insights and guidance that help you achieve your objectives and drive growth.

Complex cyber security risks can be challenging to navigate. Our team can help you navigate these challenges with expert solutions, providing guidance and support that helps you achieve your goals and protect your organization from cyber threats.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we understand the importance of protecting your organization from cybersecurity risks that threaten business growth and continuity. Our team of seasoned consultants has vast expertise in devising practical approaches tailored towards mitigating complex issues around IT infrastructure needs & requirements whilst identifying loopholes and providing proactive measures.


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Cyber risks assessments management

Our efforts extended to formulating a comprehensive strategic blueprint for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) response to the COVID-19 crisis. In tandem, we scrutinized existing strategies and the prevailing landscape. Moreover, it outlines ESA’s response to the present COVID-19 landscape and delineates post-pandemic strategies to ensure preparedness and resilience.


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