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A go-to-market strategy, or GTM strategy, is a plan that helps you launch a new product or service. It involves defining your target customers and coordinating your messaging. By keeping all business units on the same plan, a GTM strategy allows you to meet market needs and improve your product effectively.

Our team of experts will work with you to craft a custom go-to-market strategy that meets your unique needs and goals. We’ll start by identifying your target market and determining the best channels to reach them. From there, we’ll help you set pricing that maximizes profits without turning away potential customers.


Launching a new product or service into the marketplace can be intimidating. With fierce competition and increasing consumer demands, businesses require a strategic go-to-market strategy to stand out among competitors. Although exciting, the process can be overwhelming.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we relieve this burden by providing guidance on developing go-to-market strategies that deliver optimal results for your business. Our expert team specializes in maximizing market penetration through comprehensive research and benchmarking of industry standards to provide innovative strategies designed to reach your target audience while increasing sales revenue.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your product and clients. Our team identifies key aspects that make your product/service outperform your competitors while ensuring customer satisfaction. We analyze the best delivery channels, be it online platforms, phone sales or retail stores to meet customer needs.

Our team creates comprehensive plans for optimal visibility and accessibility aimed at enhancing brand value resulting in long-term business success – achieved through an experienced pool of professionals dedicated to detailing nuances around successful product strategy formation.

Understanding the customer’s mindset and their willingness to pay or purchase your product or the service you are willing to provide is a key aspect upon which your value in the market would be configured. Partnerships can also be a valuable tool in expanding reach and enhancing marketing efforts.

Our goal is to connect our clients with distributors, resellers and service providers who can help expand their audience reach while staying true to their brand values.

At the core of our business, lies a deep commitment towards understanding customer behavior and aligning our go-to-market strategies accordingly. Our primary objective is to drive revenue growth by ensuring that your product or service caters to the needs and preferences of your customers – identifying their needs, while catering them with optimal solutions.

One effective approach that we leverage for this purpose is the development of value propositions, which identifies the unique benefits that customers receive from choosing your product or service over other options available in the market. We provide assistance throughout each step, ranging from product development to channel optimization and customer identification towards creating value proposition that resonates with your customers.


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Designing, Creating and strategising a blockchain with a seperate proofing mechanism was done by our team for the project. We helped the management team prepare the technical documentation project as well as create comprehensive node management functionality for reducing transaction latency.


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