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Project – GoFungibles – Metarun

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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Gofungibles (Metarun) and prepared a comprehensive valuation and tokenomics report alongwith their whitepaper documentation highlighting the business model and tokenomics which emphasizes on the initial revenue, transaction revenue, and NFT marketplace. The report sheds light on the financial viability of the project by analyzing the financial assumptions, cost variables, channels revenue computation, crypto projected valuation. The report is a detailed study of the primary game revenue projection, NFT marketplace revenue projection, cash flow analysis, and coin distribution plan. 

Gaming Platform – The Goal is to create a virtual gaming realm where all users can play an interface-based game and buy and sell NFTs that they collect through their journey on the game. Key Features include:

  • A user can choose a can buy assets in the game through playing and will be paid to play the game through various modes and incentives.
  • He/she may choose to trade the NFTs amongst other users
  • The NFTs will also be available in-game and in the NFT marketplace of the company.     

The NFT marketplace will be the key component of the game with the underlying transaction currency being the coin the company has issued. The modes of revenue will be primarily a blanket fee on the gross transaction value of GoFungibles.

The Key features of the NFT Market Place Include:

  • Assets/NFTs Trading features
  • Sale and purchase of levelups and other value adds for the related game
  • NFT auction and resale functionality
  • Specialized auctions with tie-ups with artists and creators

The NFT Marketplace will also include in game transactions for leveling up and getting assets in the game. The company will charge a fee on the platform on the gross transaction value.

The gaming based NFT Platform should thus be marketed as a community of enthusiastic gamers with a virtual reality and gaming-based experience by GoFungibles. The platform’s internal currency will also become prominent over a period due to the operations and usability of the Coin on the platform. The Goal will be to integrate with various exchanges and act as a community-based platform in the initial phase.

The firm’s overall value is expected to be $2.95 Billion by 2026, inclusive of the underlying Coin. 

The business by GoFungibles does have the risk of imitation and replication by exchanges that are already active and thus, market share needs to be increased faster through marketing and brand integration strategies. The business has a substantially high IRR, but similar projects on the Cryptocurrency Universe are in line.

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