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Project – Priymus X Cerulean

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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Priymus and prepared comprehensive investor documentation, IM, Whitepapers, Decks, strategy and the composite tokenomics and financial model for the for their idea of the future of video streaming. The report emphasizes on the mission of the project, the problems associated with the streaming platform, and the solutions for the play-to-earn model. The report sheds light on the unique selling proposition, market opportunity, customer journey, the partners and the tokenomics of the Cerulean tokens. The report also sheds light on the project roadmap and the coin distribution and segmentation. To understand the viability of the project, the report also provides details of the application of funds and the methods to build coin utility.

At Priymus the mission is to create forever memories for their subscribers through innovative captivating live and on- demand content that is Al curated to connect based on their personal interest. At Priymus they reward their loyal viewers with token-based gamification and aim to be an all-inclusive streaming experience.

There is no streaming platform in the market which allows users to enjoy films, television shows, music videos, live concerts and special events in one place. They must subscribe to various platforms and pay different subscription fees for each platform. 

  • No one platform – There is currently no one platform which allows users to enjoy both live and video- on –demand content in one place.
  • Pay multiple subscription fees – 58% of Americans subscribe to more than one of the big three streaming services.
  • No similar existing business model – a business model where one gets paid to view content and get real world utility of the tokens doesn’t exist in the market. 

Unlike the traditional model of watching television, Priymus will change the landscape of content consumption by allowing our subscribers to be rewarded for their time. Priymus has a unique view to earn business model with real life token utility and crypto integration allowing users to mine coins while consuming content. The platform will record the number of hours to award Priymus tokens to viewers.

The Priymus platform and Cerulean Tokens are the two central pillars that sustain the Priymus ecosystem. The Priymus Tokens will reward to the user for viewing content on the platform which can be redeemed within or outside the ecosystem.

  • Priymus – Priymus will create their own content or license it from its partners to provide its users with the best quality content.
  • Platform – the platform will record the time the user spends watching the content.
  • User – the consumers will be able to mine token while watching the content. 
  • Exchange – the coin can be traded for other currencies on their partner exchanges through their wallet.

The Priymus Network will continue to develop solutions that will enhance the value of the token and the utility for the coin. This will be done by providing various market measures to boost stability, utility and usability of the coin.

Priymus will continue to expand its userbase as per its projected roadmap. It will also enable users to build an ecosystem and community based on content viewing and engagement. The key costs for the platform will be Marketing, Licensing, Production and IT Costs for the platform. With its launch due in December 2022. It is expected that that the platform will reach more than 100k+ users on its platform within the first 1-2 months and is currently valued at $50 Million at its Seed round.

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