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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Polyworld to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the Polyworld ecosystem, challenges and risks involved, the game overview, and the lands & metaverse. The report sheds light on the poly token, stakeholders, and poly revenue streams. The report provides a detailed market overview, creature collecting game market, creator/build game market, and player market. The report emphasizes on the tokenomics and explains the financial viability of the project by understanding the funding, poly tokenomics and the roadmap for the project.Polyworld is a metaverse where players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences using POLY, the game’s utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a team with an expert background in building games, web3 products and communities that will grow Polyworld to one of the biggest names in the Blockchain gaming space. What we aim to do with Polyworld is to offer a metaverse in which players can fight, train and trade their very own Polymons. If you were wondering what this will look like, similar products would be games like Pokémon and Zelda. Gamers can earn POLY tokens for several of the actions mentioned above.Polyworld’s solution is being a game that’s as fun to play as Pokémon and Zelda, combined with decentralized ownership and a play-and-earn aspect. The player on the blockchain will fully own each item purchased or acquired. In addition to owning their items fully, the player will also be able to earn POLY tokens that have real-world value. To actualize the concept that Polyworld has regarding decentralized ownership, blockchain technology, and NFTs will be used. Combining two of the fastest growing markets; gaming and blockchain technology will ensure long-term success.The Polyworld ecosystem will be built upon poly tokens. These tokens will serve as a basis for all transactions within Polyworld. It will have many uses, such as:
  • Staking: Holders can stake their Poly tokens on their Polyworld land. This will allow them to receive passive income in Poly tokens. This staking process plays a vital role in the in- game economy.
  • Purchasing goods and upgrades: Certain in-game items and upgrades will be purchased with Poly tokens.
  • Earning: Players can earn Poly tokens by completing certain in-game activities. We are going more into detail about the ecosystem later in this document.
All revenue earned in the form of POLY will be split into a ratio of 50%-50%. Half will be allocated to the company’s treasury for reserve and operations funding, while the other half will be given to the Foundation to empower the ecosystem and development. Polyworld is aiming to raise around $2,500,000 during multiple public sales through selling the first pieces of land and allocation of 10% of the total supply of POLY. The public rounds will be done through an NFT and token sales. 12% of the token allocation has been reserved for the rounds. There shall not be a soft cap; therefore, there will be no returns from the funds contributed towards the project.Polyworld will allow players to finally get the gaming experience that they’ve been looking for in the NFT space. An open-world game like Pokémon with all the significant aspects of NFT gaming and blockchain tokenization. In the upcoming years, this game will be developed and improved to avoid making the same mistakes that led other similar projects to fall short.

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