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Ruskin Felix Consulting is thrilled to introduce our exciting new initiative for 2022. We’re proud to announce that we have successfully worked with more than 50 projects and have now opened a specialized division to serve our blockchain clients with even more dedication. Currently, the services provided by RF for digital assets consist of Business strategy, Platform development, Game development, Coin distribution and supply management, Risk mitigation plan, Capital raising, Valuation services, Tokenomics, game design document, launching of the cryptocurrency, IDOS, STO/ICO planning, technical project execution, and social media marketing.

In the past 6 months, Ruskin Felix Consulting has embarked on a new initiative, collaborating with more than 30 projects in the blockchain space. Some of the projects that we have worked on are as follows:

  • RF Consulting helped Wetra create their Algo-trading platform, which is community reliant and facilitates finance and coin-based exchange.
  • RFC helped GoFungibles in the creation of their two integrated gaming platforms; Meta Run and Ncore, which utilize their cryptocurrency
  • Metarun, which RFC helped create its P2P multiplayer game with play to earn concept, has been integrated with its crypto ($MRUN). The project has been launched and is listed on PancakeSwap. It has had 6 IDOs and raised 6 million USD.
  • RF Consulting worked with Priymus to create a ‘view-to-earn based content consumption platform where viewers are rewarded coins based on their view time. This project will be launching an IDO in the 4rth quarter of 2022. RFC has successfully raised USD 8 Million for their Seed Round.
  • RFC has also worked with Tiny Astro for their Blockchain-based NFT SaaS platform to design and audit smart contracts and create the leasing and NFT staking mechanism along with their primary listed token.
  • NoBrainers officials were provided services by RF Consulting to help create their NFT collection as well as help with the NFT’s Tokenomics, marketing and analysis
  • Solar Blox is one of the most exciting and innovative projects that RF is currently providing its services. Solar Blox is a project that utilizes renewable energy for cryptocurrency mining, making crypto-mining environmentally viable. This project is being carried out by one of South-East Asia’s finest Solar EPCs, Solarxell.
  • RF helped in the marketing campaign for SolGods’ NFT collection, which is currently listed on the Solana network. The marketing services provided included community management, press management and influencer campaign.
  • RF Consulting helped Axie Infinity with their most famous P2E game platform and its cryptocurrencies: AXF and SPF. RF provided its services for the firm’s valuation for its NFT-based land asset sale, which was executed in 2020. With a current market cap of 2 billion and an overall circulating supply of only 23%, Axie Infinity is currently positioned as one of the frontrunners in the metaverse.
  • The company has also been involved in designing a complete plan and tokenomics as well as a revenue model for the DEX platform exchange – NCX, which directly integrates with Binance for its liquidity.

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